Australia in 30 seconds

Do you think it can’t happen here? Or everywhere?

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  1. I cannot think of any justification the Australian citizenry, individually and collectively, could possibly have for restraint at this point. It should be obvious that their government is at war with them. To continue to take it up the ass the way they have been strongly implies cowardice.

  2. Some background would be nice. I doubt the cops have the manpower to station 40 officers at each resident door to see if anyone leaves. And there were many other civilians in the area who had to leave their residence to get there.

  3. The CDC says they have the same authority to do what is being done in Oz.
    Notice the dick cop threatening with the baton?

  4. The heretofore virile Aussies gave up their guns(well, not all of them) and now the inevitable lurch toward tyranny begins. Is anyone surprised?

  5. Apparently with everyone confined to their homes, the Australian police have FAR too much time on their hands for 40+ cops to be able to swarm one individual leaving their domicile.


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