Australia Lets it Slip First – You Will NEVER Be Back to Where You Were Before Covid- The Oppression is Your Life Now

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  1. Loco, about as bad as the idiots who are in the vehicle all alone with their mask on or the funniest I’ve seen yet.
    There’s a little burger drive-in we go to sometimes when we’re busy. A few months ago the SUV across from us had this morbidly obese woman and a little skinny man sitting in it. Both had on masks, gave their order to the little girl who came out to get it with their masks on, never took them off until the little girl brought their food out. Then off the masks came while they stuffed their faces. That woman was inhaling that triple CB.

  2. Why do all the Karen authoritarian matriarchs look the same?

    And it always comes back to the same same cause/effect question.

    Does ugly cause leftism or does leftism cause ugly? Still haven’t figured it out.

  3. Her sister cunt, the NY governor that was just installed is firing health care workers at midnight, calling in the National Guard.

    You cannot be more diabolical & insidious to fire what were considered heroes last Summer, during a supposed panfuckingdemic!

  4. Wait till the fuckers use vax non compliance as a reason to drag shit out of your house under red flag law. We might be australia before you know it.

  5. Once a prison colony; always a prison colony.

    Misprision, anyone?
    We’ve got it here, why not there?

    The Subjects are going to find out exactly what they’re gonna be subjected to.
    Australia – the largest Concentration Camp on Earth – well, second largest – after China.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Seems to me that the PM should be wearing a purple cape and waving a jewel studded scepter while all the cops are reequipped with pith helmets, truncheons and red tunics. Maybe some single shot Martini-Henry rifles too. “Rule Britannia…”

  7. beachmom SEPTEMBER 27, 2021 AT 5:25 PM
    I wonder how long until Australians claim asylum in other countries?

    You have to get out of or escape the country in order to try for that one and I doubt the consulates for other countries will accept those trying it in country.

  8. Anybody else getting calls from the CDC 312 871 4243? The website says it’s supposedly a survey about childhood vaccines. Till you get to the bottom of the page then they ask about the china flu. Two calls a week but I don’t answer & have now blocked the number. Guess they will be knocking on my door next.

  9. Biden at his propaganda fest faux booster shot ceremony said we’d need to be 97-98% vaccinated. That is NEVER going to happen. Also CTH has a great piece on the OSHA con job – Psaki today couldn’t answer when OSHA would get around to mandating 100+ employees need to be vaccinated but does’t matter anyway since so many companies are simply complying.

  10. Dry gulched my husband said that tonight, but who is going to do the shooting on a grand enough scale to do anything?

  11. If a time ever comes where government thugs manhandle me like that for not wearing a mask, there will be hell to pay when I am released. I’m not walking myself into the gas chambers like the Jews did. I don’t think God would hold it against me for fighting this kind of evil. Men who would do this to other men on the orders of the government deserve to die.

  12. WHy are these people so stupid, or do they just all belong to Lucifer? Covid is not the first sickness to hit the planet and certainly not the most dangerous. Do these guys ever look at the fatality statistics on Covid, and for that matter, on the vax?? Where do they come from?

  13. “No guns so the authorities can pretty much do what they want.”

    No guns so the tyrants can pretty much do what they want.

    Fixed it for ya. They have NO authority. PERIOD.

    izlamo delenda est …


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