Australia Loses Its Mind

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Australia’s top court recognises ‘neutral’ third gender


The High Court has backed a case of gender neutral recognition in a ruling that could have ramifications across Australia.

Sydney resident Norrie, 52, has won a long-running legal battle against NSW’s Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages to be granted non-specific gender status.

Norrie, who goes by one name, was born male and underwent gender reassignment in 1989. But Norrie stopped taking hormones after surgery and no longer identifies as male or female.


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  1. That’s the sort of creature Lucifer fires on before it can get across the River Styx. Old Scratch can get pretty creeped-out by the dregs of society these days. 👿

  2. Australia lost it’s mind long ago. Take a look at their gun control. Pretty Fing weird for a country that started out as a Penal colony.

  3. Why is it that if I’m going up/down stairs and misjudge the last step, even when nobody is around, I feel like a complete idiot.

    But this freak is half the planet away, and has no shame?

  4. Nothing should stop the accommodating of the mentally ill. Even the creation of a whole new classification that undoubtedly will be granted special protections.

  5. What fucking difference, at this point, does it make? I think Pelosi is in Norrie’s category. And the bitch is running (ruining) the U.S.of A.

  6. The country’s entire judicial system gets thrown into an uproar and the country come to a halt because Norrie can’t make up his/her/it’s frikkin’ mind about her/it’s/his orientation?

    If you listen carefully, you can hear Crocodile Dundee weeping quietly.

  7. Bad Brad. You’re right about the Penal Colony. I have no proof but my grandmother told me that her grandfather’s brother, or uncle, or something, was sent to Botany Bay back in the day when the British ruled the world. It was around the time of the Famine in Ireland, late 1800’s.

  8. Tom, How we suppose to communicate so far away? You should be sitting across the table form me drinking that evil stuff you drink while I drink mine so we can effectively communicate and laugh our butts off.

    My Wanker Story.

    Once upon a time my wife and I went on a Cruise down to old Mexico with two other couples. There’s always Photo guys running around with there helpers trying to take yours Pics to memorialize his great event. Well one of my buddies that was along with his wife, who was a world traveler, realizes the main dude in the photo couple is Australian. My buddy, who weighs about 160 soaking wet calls this guy a wanker after telling him we were not interested. Holley shit. The Aussie drops his camera and takes off highly inflamed after my buddy. We are good to go. Well the Aussie weighs about 150 lbs. I’m 280 lbs. I stepped in between and got them calmed down. Wanker in Aussie basically means one who chokes the chicken. My buddies a smart ass and after I thought every thing was settled and we were walking away he called him a Wanker again. Right back at it.

  9. Yeah Brad. I think Adam was the first wanker when Eve told him she had a headache and Bayer wasn’t born yet. LOL
    I’m going to have one more and hit the couch.

  10. 1. DNA says this critter is a male. No surgery in the world can change that.

    2. The English language — the richest ever conceived — settled this issue centuries ago.

    There are three pronouns.

    “He” — identifies a male.

    “She” — identifies a female.

    “It” — identifies Norrie.

  11. This is what happens when a society loses the intestinal fortitude to call a spade a spade.

    They’ve missed the boat, this person and many like her would be locked up in the loony bin years ago. He/She/Whatever obviously has a chemical imbalance in the brain area causing this “Gender Disphoria” or whatever they call it.

    A male ought to be a male, no matter how non-masculine the male is. There are all kinds of dudes, some are tough and some aren’t.

    But to go so far off the deep end as to go through the trouble of slicing off the “gentleman’s sausage” and having them fabricate a “lady region” but then, years later, become dissatisfied with that construction project and go through the trouble of getting a legal category of “neutral”….

    Yeah, that person is just nuts. Stop wasting the public’s time and money and just put her in the loony bin. Or, better yet, figure out the chemical imbalance and fix it!

    Shoot, it’s probably just good old fashioned demon possession. Any of our regular commenters from the nether care to weigh in on that?

  12. Oh,,, yeah,,, right. “I don’t sleep with Guys because I’m a lesbian”. Um Hmm,,, it’s not because you look like fecal shoot of a Kangaroo. Eh Sheila?

  13. As the Crypt Keeper eyed herself in the mirror, she decides,,, a nice frilly lavender camisole will make me look as pretty as I feel…

  14. Sex is determined by DNA. Two X chromosomes and you have a girl. One X and one Y and you have a boy. Gender is in his head. If he wants to slice off his bits, undergo hormone therapy, and consider himself a girl, that’s a mental, or intellectual, determination. There is absolutely no reason why ANY court should have to bend its will to an individual’s mental determination.

    The court should recognize the DNA construction.

  15. If someone is legally declared neither male nor female, do you realize how many laws no longer apply to them, both positive and negative laws?

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