Australia’s on fire

With Greens’ policies, no wonder Australia’s on fire

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No one should be surprised that our bush is ablaze and our cities are smothered in smoke.

For decades now, we have been locking up land, banning burn-offs, and encouraging eucalypt fire-trees.  On a hot day, the blue haze on distant timbered hills is highly flammable eucalypt oil vapor, waiting for a spark.

The Australian landscape of open forests and treeless grasslands was developed and maintained under an aboriginal regime of continual small fires.  This was followed by planned cool-season burn-offs by European graziers.

But a few decades ago, this safe black-and-white fire regime was replaced by green-worshipers who continually expanded the area of locked up protected parks (now over 11% of Australia). Then they peppered private land with protected-vegetation fire havens and hampered undergrowth clean-ups and burn-offs. read more

Video of fires HERE

14 Comments on Australia’s on fire

  1. Even with copious amounts of proof most liberal, commie asswipes don’t give a damn.
    What’s important to them is that they hold the power over the rest of us.

  2. At least they won’t have fires for the foreseeable future – until the same idiots cause the same problem.

  3. They must have learned at the Jerry Brown School of Forrest non management. At least half the State of California burned down.From Los Angeles north.

  4. @Anonymous

    We should DROP greenie-weenies ON the fire! Then at least the smoke would smell like Patchouli & dope… 🙄

  5. Same as the CA. nutters who are sure they are
    so educated that they must “improve” mother nature
    by constipating natural ecologigal systems millions
    of years old.
    Then when disaster strikes they blame evil corporations
    and SUV drivers for their own guilt, using the old,
    wornout bugbear of imaginary climate change.

  6. They, just like all dumbasses everywhere have forgotten about the advantages of allowing commercial interests into the wilderness.
    They build roads.
    You can move firefighting equipment on roads.

  7. Not to worry, according to experts, in another few years Australia will be under water due to clime change and all the fires will be extinguished.


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