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Austria: Migrant Political Party Demands Streets Are Decorated ‘Appropriately’ For Ramadan

RAIR: The Turkish government continues to try to expand its influence over the practice of Islam in Austria.  

From March 23 to April 21, 2023, Muslims celebrate the month-long holiday of Ramadan. Austria’s controversial Turkish-controlled migrant party SÖZ (Social Austria of the Future) demands that the streets in the heavily Islamized district of Favoriten should be “appropriately decorated” for the Muslim holiday. Furthermore, they would like to use the Viennese tax money to ensure that the streets are decorated according to their faith on their holidays.

Celebrating the Islamization of Vienna

The chairman and founder of the SÖZ party, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan loyalist Hakan Gördü, suggested that Vienna should be decorated for Ramadan during a broadcast. “We hope,” he said, “that the City of Vienna will comply with our request and decorate the streets of Favoriten appropriately.” Gördü also emphasized that this action would be an excellent way to celebrate the Islamized city’s diversity and raise awareness of different cultures and religions.

While Gördü claims to want to celebrate different cultures and religions, Muslims in Vienna have been shown only to be interested in promoting Islam. For example, Viennese mosques were recently exposed for promoting Islamic separatism and actively obstructing the integration of Muslims into Austrian society. An in-depth investigative study also reveals that foreign governments, like Turkey, continue to exert enormous influence on the practice of Islam in Austria. more here

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  3. Surrre. We’ll allow Austria to be decorated for Ramadan as soon as you allow Turkey to be decorated for Easter.


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