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New Study Shows That the ‘Population Explosion’ Was a Myth

PJM: People in the United States and Europe have long taken for granted the idea that the world is in the midst of a “population explosion” that threatens to cause the starvation of millions and render the earth uninhabitable The world, we were told, would simply run out of food, and could not possibly sustain the population it would soon have. This was how generations of people were sold on the idea that it was the “responsible” thing to do to have small families, and it even led to the weakening of the idea of the family itself as contributing to the looming problem that looked as if it would kill us all. There was just one problem with the whole scenario: there was no population explosion at all, as a new study has now confirmed.

The UK’s far-Left Guardian admitted Monday that “the long-feared ‘population bomb’ may not go off, according to the authors of a new report that estimates that human numbers will peak lower and sooner than previously forecast.” The Club of Rome study, which was “carried out by the Earth4All collective of leading environmental science and economic institutions, including the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Stockholm Resilience Centre and the BI Norwegian Business School,” predicts that “on current trends the world population will reach a high of 8.8 billion before the middle of the century, then decline rapidly.” This being the Guardian, it added: “The peak could come earlier still if governments take progressive steps to raise average incomes and education levels.” more here

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  1. Peter Zeihan said the same. (chyNa overestimated 100,000,000 people)
    Elon claimed De-population was one of the world’s greatest risks.
    (AI was the other)

    SO WHY do they want us to eat BUGS?

  2. Nevertheless, the WEF jackwads are forcing the population decline:

    – Transgender (because they won’t have their own kids)
    – Abortion
    – Forced reduction in food supply
    – Massive increase in violence through:
    — Neutered law enforcement and incarceration
    — Giving income to those who choose not to work (reparations included)
    – Forcing ’15 minute’ cities that won’t allow personal transportation (cars)
    – Destruction of power generation
    – Destruction of anything fossil fuel-related (except for their personal jets…)
    – Destruction of voting rights, and everything that results

    Not sure how we can get out of this mess.

  3. Presently, there are approx. 550 Gigatons of carbon life on Earth. Humans are 0.06 Gigatons, or 0.01% of that, and Oxygen-generating/CO2-drinking plant life on land and in the vast oceans, lakes and other bodies of water dominate all carbon life on earth.

  4. Is Paul Ehrlich still alive? Or did he assume room temperature and go home to ma gaia a long time ago. Doom and gloom and being wrong 100% of the time is all the left has to scare the living daylights out of the gullible, braindead, indoctrinated masses of stupid people who continually believe all their bs and lies.


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