Austrian president suggests all women wear hijabs

WND: There may come a day when Austria will ask all women to wear an Islamic headscarf to fight Islamophobia.

So says Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen.

Speaking before an audience of students, the left-wing former leader of Austria’s Green Party stated, “It is every woman’s right to dress exactly as she pleases.”

But, he said, “And if things continue like this… in light of manifestly rampant Islamophobia, the day will come where we will have to ask all women to wear a headscarf – all – in solidarity with those who wear it for religious reasons.”

According to the London Independent, Van der Bellen was responding to a question from a schoolgirl who argued a ban on Islamic hijabs or veils would reduce women to their appearance and shut some out of the labor market. Although the president made the comments in March, they came to light only recently after being included in an Austrian TV broadcast.

Paul Nehlen, the Wisconsin businessman who produced and directed the new documentary “Hijrah: Radical Islam’s Global Invasion,” said Islam appears to have conquered Van der Bellen mentally, even if ordinary Austrians are not yet ready to surrender their country to Islam.

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  1. Holy shit, just open the border and let the scum enter and take over what you are obviously incapable of handling. You pathetic bastard.

  2. Good Lord what a pansy.
    If all European men are like that we’re going to have to save their asses again.

  3. I’m starting to think Vikings were freaken gay. That’s a generazation for the entire region. It does give a good explanation for Arnold though.

  4. Here’s the thing nobody wants to seem to talk about. Europe is full of countries with ICBM’s with nukes attached. One day when the Muzzies take over Germany we will need to shove s Nuke right up Merkils ass to insure our own survivability.

  5. BB,
    Not that it’s that much better, but in Europe only France (~300) and GB (~200) have nukes. I would like to think that if either fold they’ll be pretty much gone before the savages can get a hold of them if our or the Rus spec ops people are worth anything. What I find somewhat surprising is that Pah-kee-stahn hasn’t had one disappear in the last 20-odd yrs and show up in a container in NY harbor or something. On a side note, that is of course why the Indians worked so hard on theirs. Fun loving Moslems with a nuke. Pure Islamophobia, no doubt, on the part of those damn saber-rattling Hindus.

  6. Well as of today I am no longer telling anyone that my mom came from Vienna after the war – if she were alive she would probably buy a plane ticket to go kick this guy’s ass and set him straight.

    BTW she always said the “Arnold” had a peasants accent.

  7. You know what’s coming next. Do you ?
    Every man has a right to fuck the camel, rape the donkey, make love to sheep to show solidarity with our brothers,muslem “warriors”. 😉

  8. “…we will have to ask all women to wear a headscarf…”

    I’m guessing that’s a “United Airlines” ask, right?

  9. Sooooo … it’s better to surrender BEFORE the battle begins?
    “izlamophobia” connotes an IRRATIONAL fear of izlam.
    Austria has a past with izlam, and the fear is completely rational – justified – demanded by historical perspective, in fact.
    It is foolishness to attempt to deny that izlam is anathematic to Austrian society, to Austrian history, to the Austrian state.
    If they had any sense at all, they’d be killing every mussulman withing their frontier, and make a “cordon sanitaire” about 100 miles outside it.

    I think “Can people REALLY be this stupid?” And then I recall all of our own maggots preaching the destruction of America (and Western Civilization) and how we tolerate their treasons, lies, perfidies, dissimulations, mendacities, and prevarications – and I conclude “Yep!.”

    The Austrians should add these traitors to their lists of mussulmen to be eliminated – and eliminate them – ALL of them.
    Before it is too late.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Have they already forgotten their history?? In 1683, The Gates of Vienna stopped the Ottoman Empire (the Muzzies) from overrunning Europe. It was a turning point for Europe and Western Civilization.
    Any Nation and civilization that forgets its own past has NO future.

    Liberal Lefties — think about that when you want to abrogate the US Constitution, especially the First and Second Amendments.

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