Case Of The Fugitive Sock


On the next episode of The Sockford Files:

A fugitive sock escapes from the big Westinghouse, leaving his partner in crime holding the laundry bag!
Will the fugitive Surf to freedom? Or will he be brought into justice by the Tide?
[Man, I hate doing laundry]


Image h/t Muckraker

16 Comments on Case Of The Fugitive Sock

  1. The dark brown one was left in the washer, and found among all the pink socks after washing all the white socks.

    Not a riddle. Son #1 learned this after washing 24 pair of brand new white socks.

  2. Touchy subject around here. My last pair of gym shoes I purchased are black. They look pretty good with black socks. While I’m at work my two boys visit. I have no black socks left in my sock drawer. So I wore white silks and caught a bunch of shit. All I was missing was one of those old Kodak box cameras hanging around my neck.

  3. Between my work and my lifestyle, I only sport boots and over the calf Hanes athletic in white. Periodically I buy a crap load and trash the old ones….since they’re all the same, I throw them in the drawer loose. If I’m short a sock, I never miss it…problem solved.

  4. Carried a 4″ 629 as my duty weapon. Loved it. Got it in 1980 when 629’s first came out. Now I carry a 4556 concealed. Good luck finding one. Can’t have mine! Been a Smith fan for a very long time.

  5. I swear I seem to always lose a sock when I travel on a business trip. I think there are TSA perverts who steal them to satisfy some deeply entrenched perverted psychosis.
    (I think it’s the guy at the terminal exit that’s always sleeping….)

  6. S-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h
    Bad_Boy_Brad wears panty hose when he runs out of black socks. Well, um, black panty hose for sure.

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