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Was Nixon Railroaded?

Author Geoff Shepard, who worked on Nixon’s Watergate defense team, has gone into the archives of the key players who prosecuted the cases and accuses them of “judical and prosecutorial [Read More]

Twisted Trump

Perhaps The Donald should talk with Dee Snyder and the boys and secure the rights to this old beauty. Watch  

The Stripper Police Sketch

Rebel Wilson tried to inject a little humor along with some much needed relevance to the MTV Video Awards by doing a bit on how she dislikes the police.


At the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting, they passed a resolution that included a declaration of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Meanwhile in St. Paul, Minnesota, Black Lives [Read More]

Roundabout Hell

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has gone roundabout mad and residents are getting fed up with the use of these traffic control features in inappropriate situations (like near railroad crossings [Read More]

Ten Years After

Everybody was back in New Orleans this week to recognize the 10 year Anniversary of government failure along multiple dimensions. Obama was there touting his agenda, “W” spoke on one of the [Read More]

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