Authoritarians Fence off the Capitol

Β Paranoid About Activists Supporting the Rights of the Accused.

*some spicy language.

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  1. You know the corruption is complete when the capitol (of any nation) is an armed camp protecting the politicians from their “constituencies.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. This has false flag set-up written all over it. Watch as some MAGA hat wearing protesters nobody has ever heard of break down the fence.

  3. They now will only allow protests from protesters they help finance and can use for political gain. Everyone else can pizz off.

  4. A Trump supporter does NOT wear the American Flag like a super-hero cape, Smell like a seafood stand dumpster, have hair infested with fleas, threaten to kill, wear a costume to conceal their identity or carry illegal weapons or substances.

    Any person displaying any of the above characteristics can safely be assumed to be a paid antifa communist or a mental case.

  5. What if someone threw a riot, and nobody came.

    That should be what happens. Everyone should say they are going so that the pantyboi’s will show and let them stand there with their dicks in hand waiting for BLM to come and give them blow jobs.
    You couldn’t pay me enough to go to that “massacre”.

  6. They are funding the barrier to protect them from citizens using money taken from those exact citizens.
    That is THE definition of a tyrannical government.

  7. It’s not been established that Pelosi and Milley conspired to commit treason – which Milley then actually did by subverting the US military by calling the ChiComms.

    Pelosi is a traitor. Milley is a traitor. It’s not funny anymore.

  8. But no ‘fence’ for the borders, right? They’ll do anything to protect their own drooping butts yet do nothing to protect the people. The bioassault vaxx is proof of that crap sandwich.

  9. I marvel at this year’s prolonged ‘peaceful transition of power’.
    That Hillary gushed about (until she lost), pelosi worships in her temple of democracy, and stupid W pontificated about despite obozo’s fraudulent credentials and our brazen voter theft via pallets of mailed ballots and election officials barred according to Party affiliation.

    Come on meteor!

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