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  1. Euro trash should not make films. Only they can make the most beautiful season of the year depressing.
    Upbeat European film? Name just one.

    Morbid European life spawned socialism, nazism, communism.

    Sorry. I might be over reacting but I admire the art but hate the message.

  2. Neat, but it always seems like they are trying to find creative ways to deny God, who controls the seasons and nature.

    I don’t care, as I’m not threatened by it, I would just rather see something done that well that doesn’t deny the existence of God…..

  3. O/T – muddjuice – We will continue, I hope, our discussion of last night and this morning. It is a serious one and does call for more thought-time than I can muster right now. I want to examine some of my assumptions, and although I believe you need to as well, that’s your call to make for yourself. I’m sure we’ll find another opportunity before very long, things being how they are.

    Respectfully, Uncle Al

  4. I thought the guy looked like one of the characters in Pirate of the Carribean that grew in the hull of the Pearl.

    Uncle Al, you bring back memories of a night in the disco era.

  5. Never been the artsy type, but I imagine that’s what it’s like in the mind of an Illustr8r. This, perhaps, has given me my first taste of art being purposeful. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I had no idea the whole world had one season at a time. Foolish me thinks January in Australia is Summer time there while it’s Winter in the Northern hemisphere.

    They should have had all four seasons working at the same time and shifting positions as time moved on.

    Maybe too many ‘shrooms were consumed by this “creator”?

  7. @ Uncle Al

    Absolutely. I respect you and your opinion. I just happen to disagree. But I’m always open to great discussions and I’m not opposed to challenging my own opinions and assumptions….

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