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Available at http://www.microaggressions.com


Want a laugh? Visit http://www.microaggressions.com

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  1. LOL, Classic. I had to laugh at one of our 10 year old twins this past weekend. She was wearing a Confederate ball cap and some old bat told her it was a symbol of racism and our daughter looked at her and said “you’re dumb and whine like my little sister” . I was a proud mama 🙂

  2. At our local 4th of July parade/fireworks someone made fun of me because the beer I was drinking didn’t come in a red, white and blue can. I tried to explain that it was made in the USA but it didn’t seem to matter. I felt sadness and shame.

  3. at microaggressions … what a bunch of wimps. geesh do something with your lives rather than whine someone made you feel bad.

  4. Didn’t this concept of microaggressions originate in colleges, or are colleges, rather, just the Petri dish for the concept to flourish? I think of the big bucks being spent for students to learn whatever they choose to equip themselves for life-work, and this is how they choose to spend their college time. Parents much be proud and stupid.

    Oh, I’m sorry! Was this judgmental??

  5. Agree. Just when you think they’ve reached new lows of idiocy they go and do something like this. There is no line between parody and reality anymore.

  6. I admit it, I am a serial mico aggressor and I confess I like it.

    I will micro aggress again. I have no fear of micro aggressing I will never stop micro aggressing.

    if my micro aggressing offends you please feel free to remove yourself to a micro aggression free zone.

    just how hard can it be to defeat a people who are cowering in corners afraid of micro aggression?

    are gays and transsexuals more manly now than the metro sexuals and and is that why the military wants them now, for the testosterone they bring?

  7. Same here. i thought it was an Onion or People’s Cube type site.
    Microaggressions? Isn’t it usually called daily life?

  8. Well, the way I “identify”…
    peeing in your pants
    is a MICROAGGRESSION!!1!1eleventy!!

    I’m calling The Dean of Not Upsetness,
    or the Peace, Dude Police, or, or, or…
    I’m aggressed!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. “I will micro aggress again. I have no fear of micro aggressing I will never stop micro aggressing.”

    You’re right. We’re not going to be able to avoid pissing people off. You can’t.

    The entrepreneur in me says ‘roll with it and make money off it’. Looks like there’s a market for selling score cards on how many times someone approaches you and complains during the day.

    “I scored 24 today! How’d you do?”

    “Piker miker! I scored 127 with the PC police called 5 times! My court date is in two weeks.”

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