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Aww, Poor Illegals

The Arizona Daily Star has declared that a 14-foot-high border fence is injuring illegals as they attempt to climb over it.

Breitbart’s Big Journalism dug a little deeper to understand why the fence at that section of the border was so high. It wasn’t for the sadistic enjoyment of watching illegals break their legs, but to stop criminal gangs from robbing train cars and murdering border agents.


Obviously, a 14 foot fence isn’t enough of a discouragement.



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  1. In Mexico, you will find many homes with walls that have cemented broken glass embedded in them to keep people out. Here, we give them a wall without glass, what’s the problem? I thought we were doing them a favor. Oops, my bad…Barack is doing them a favor.

  2. Lay some land mines for a few hundred yards on our side and then see if they complain about the jump.

    Understand that I say that out of love; not for the illegal douchebags, but for my country.

  3. de·ter·rent
    1. a thing that discourages or is intended to discourage someone from doing something.

    synonyms: disincentive, discouragement, damper, curb, check, restraint; More

  4. I try to keep in that we live in a country that people are willing to risk death to get into, not out of. But we do need to control our borders to those that contribute to society and not be a drain on it.
    How to do that is worth debate. But until we resolve that any thing
    that makes it harder to get in is better. if 14ft not tall enough
    then lets add a few more feet.

  5. Poisoned peanut butter works around here with rats.

    “One Bite II” works pretty well, too.
    (the mice in my garage have opened the shit themselves to get to it!)

    Or straight peanut butter in a trap that smashes their heads.

    That sticky shit if you’re willing to watch em starve to death.

  6. If you let people climb the fence, why have a fence? I thought if you climbed the fence they would shoot. Why not just bus them here. Your letting them in anyway.

  7. I don’t fucking care. I wish the damn fence was 30 feet high and electrified and there were machine gun nests every 100 yards. 😡 Shoot them before they cross. Mexico’s clean up problem.

  8. Three divisions cross the border and establish control with firepower, 40,000 troops deployed on our side to stop anything from crossing, and economic shutdown on the Mexican government til they get the message!! We had troops in Mexico City in 1847…………what’s the PROBLEM!

  9. No, no, no. It’s dehydration, not starvation, that gets them.

    I know – I do it for a living. heh heh 🙂

    And yes, peanut butter is stocked on my truck. It’s a great attractant. Not just for rodents.

  10. Obstacles must be observed with effective fire or they are not obstacles. Used to block, channel or deny approach lane. Registered indirect fires at weak spots and dead zones that can’t be engaged with direct fires. That is Infantry 101 folks.

  11. You are all so insensitive, you jerks will never know what it is like to walk through the heat and sand for miles and miles, no water, no ladders. Then some prick builds a 14 foot wall and it hurts to get over it and you all say, add more fence, more guns, more gaters. You’ll never know what it is like to have to escape one asshole dick for a bitch of a chick.

    I love you guys.

  12. A touch-activated chain saw blade running the full length of the fence might keep them from getting hurt on OUR side.
    And the loose fingers would help us keep count of how many are trying to illegally enter our country, and it’s hard to climb a fence without fingers.

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