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Awwwwww- lol

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  1. In the spirit of lingual unity with the Brit woman announcing, I’m just gutted about this development. Couldn’t have happened to a nastier, more deserving individual.

    and for politeness, I think you know the rest.

  3. One of the X commentors said:

    Anyone wishing her ill in this moment is truly sick. All my love and respect to an American legend.

    I don’t wish her ill as much as I hope she gets what she deserves.

  4. “There she goes, down, unattested…”

    True enough, I reckon.

    Does “unattested” have a different meaning over there? Or was the announcer chick hired for her husky voice.

  5. She falls and they immediately declare her career is over. She then walks off the field with nothing more than a slight limp. Something stinks about this. Holy crap, I worked for the last two decades before I retired with excruciating pain in my feet and never complained because too many people were counting on me. I’ve since had both big toe joints replaced. To be free from that pain is a blessing.

  6. The drama queer man hater leans on and is escorted by two men as she exits with a fake injury. Irony is lost on the left because they’re so focused on deception.
    That so called injury didn’t seem career ending. And how the heck did the announcer know? The whole thing seems pre-planned for dramatic effect.


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