A dad recorded the various vocalizations made by his infant son, sorted them by tone then reconstructed the useful bits to approximate the AC/DC classic “Thunderstruck.” Watch

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  1. Upon meeting my grand son for the first time at age 3 weeks, he proceeded to lecture me for about two minutes using every phenom in the English language. And it was a complex language that only he understood – directed at me alone. I stood there, 2 feet from him and tried to answer him. The whole thing blew everyone away. Today, he’s almost six and we love to Skype. His favorite subjects: space, aircraft and fossils/rocks. If life isn’t great, I don’t know what is!

  2. That was so fun! He will love it as a tribute to his first year.

    Jimmy, what a special story. Thanks for sharing. And you are so right, “If life isn’t great, I don’t know what is!” I think I’d like him; “space, aircraft and fossils/rocks”. Tell him that, as a rock hound, he is called a “pebble puppy”!

  3. “Pebble puppy” – never heard that before, Claudia. But I’ll see what he thinks of it sometime. He’s quite the character and also very analytical about “rules.” I guess that’s to be expected with all the Irish and Scottish genes in him, particularly the bloody Scots! I have many Scottish ancestral grandfathers going back to the 1300’s who were ‘town sheriffs’. 🙂

  4. @jimmy

    The absolute best modern invention for Grandparents and Grandkids……IMHO is….

    FaceTime, Messenger, Skype, and video conferencing.

  5. Jimmy, I have some Irish and Scottish ancestors, too. Irish from Dad and Scottish from Mom. Add some English, German and Native American (Northern MI/Canada Ottawa) and you have a crazy mixed-up me!

  6. You’re not crazy mixed-up, Claudia. You’re just a big sweetheart – with a heart the size of the planet. If convenient, we can blame your ancestors! (-;


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