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Bad Back? Can’t Put On Socks?

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  1. My neighbobrs are gonna appreciate this tip!
    Now that the nice weather is here and the windows are open, they started complaining about all the noisy, wild sex we were having every morning.

    I had to tell them that’s just me putting my socks on!

  2. So what we’re saying is that Mr. big knows what his demographic is.

    Also, when you have replacement parts put in they supply you with plastic thing-a-ma-jigs that work on the same principle putting your hind paws into it lifting the paw out with the sock up where it belongs.

    Google “sock assist device”.

    When you have as many replacement parts as I do you have a collection of all kinds of these devices, but NOTHING comes close to OEM.

  3. I have a back problem. But I don’t need no stinking towel to put on my socks. I just grit my teeth and deal with the spasms. I just tell myself “TAKE THE PAIN!”

  4. If you have a bad back and can’t put on socks, then don’t put on socks.

    If you simply HAVE to look dressy, Krylon is your friend (it doesn’t come in Argyle, though).

  5. They make sock assist devices that are much easier to use than rolling up a towel each time to put on your socks. They are about $8 on Amazon. Just saying 🤷‍♀️

  6. If we don’t need no steenking sox, then it means our sox stink!

    (Which, of course, is a separate problem. Joe Biden knows about it since he’s so full of shit, his socks stink.)

  7. Harry, Chief Wahoo approves, I still refer to them as the Cleveland Indians and not the Guardians. Cleveland would’ve been better off renaming them the Cleveland Spiders a name they were once known as in the early days of baseball rather than the Guardians. And I’ll second your opinion on the Guardians, Go Cleveland and anybody but the friggin Yankees winning the AL pennant this year.

  8. I also think that they should have kept the name of the new stadium. If Progressive Insurance had come in and changed it from Jacobs Field to “The Jake” by Progressive it would have gotten the respect of all Clevelanders and preserved the magic of winning at the same time!!

  9. I despise MLB and the NFL for caving to the teary-eyed liberals and bitchy minorities. Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, and Chicago Blackhawks (Indian Head logo) are up to bat. I hope they show more backbone.

    Teams could defy the demands and what could anybody do about it? Their respective leagues don’t have the guts to kick them out.


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