Bad Optics- But what is the story behind this?

The linked article is vague. But the guy doing the dragging is white, the little kid is black. He’s toast. Job gone. Fini. People won’t even wait to hear if there is an explanation because no explanation will  be good enough.

Most people will say there is never any reason to treat a child like this. These are the same people who say, “there is never a reason to hit a woman.”

I tried to make a point years ago about how silly that statement is, that there is never a reason to hit a woman, and I was pig-piled. I still maintain that I’m right.

There are thousands of reasons to hit a woman, some people just refuse to do it under any circumstances. That’s great. That’s principled and it’s noble. But it doesn’t address the ludicrous assertion that there isn’t any reason to hit a woman.

Maybe the point is too subtle.

Here, I’ll let Bill Burr explain it.

(bad language)

Having watched this, I think you’ll understand when I say, “there are plenty of reasons to drag a kid off a bus on his head. You just don’t do it.”



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  1. I have never hit one, fully understand what drives men to do it.
    It’s not right, but I understand, Bubba Fur.
    Just like I understand there are reasons to shoot a MFer while he sleeps.
    It’s not right, there are reasons though.
    This was just on Bull, she got off.

  2. Once, during an argument about how I was too mean and cheap to buy her a new house (which was really because we literally couldn’t afford it), my psychotic ex-wife took a pistol out of our night stand, pointed it at me and pulled the trigger 5 or six times. The semi-auto pistol had an external safety / decocker such that if the safety was on, the trigger could be pulled but the pistol wouldn’t fire. Thankfully, the gun didn’t fire.

    I snatched the pistol out of her hands,looked her dead in the eyes and told her if she ever tried that again I would knock her out cold, drag her out of the house and lock the door behind me before I called the cops.

    The next day she played completely innocent (which was a very annoying habit she had) claiming that she had no memory of pointing a gun at me and pulling the trigger (she was a proven liar about many things throughout our marriage though). I had always stored the pistol with a round in the chamber prior to that in case of a real emergency, but afterward started leaving the chamber empty for my own safety (she wasn’t strong enough to pull the slide back to chamber a cartridge).

    So, call me a “wife-beater” or whatever, but in my mind having a woman point a gun at you and enthusiastically pull the trigger repeatedly for no reason is very strong justification to “hit a woman”. The fact is that there are women that sometimes need to be beaten severely for the safety of others whether people want to admit it or not. The same goes for certain kids as well, so I would have to know the circumstances surrounding this video before I would pass judgement on the bus driver.

  3. I’m going to guess that he is a special ed aide for that kid, and the kid was being defiant and combative and wouldn’t get off the bus. In the interest of safety for everyone involved, the guy was doing his job. Feel free to pile on if I turn out to be wrong, but that’s what it looks like.

  4. To quote the late, great Sam Kinison: “I don’t agree with hitting women, but I understand it.
    I know what turns Mr. Hand into Mr. Fist”.


  5. Years ago I taught a little sub-set Sunday school class with autistic children. Regular Sunday school was too over stimulating. It had originally started with autistic twins. Mom told her friends from her outside group and they started coming to our church, and it expanded.

    One day, 4 years in, one boy in our church who was NOT autistic but definitely had behavior issues (the type you know is going to end up in prison someday) decided he was just plain gonna show his ass. Throwing a fit in the corner. When I hunkered down to talk to him, he rolled over on his hands and knees to launch a donkey kick to my face. Just barely grazed my jaw but I know I’m lucky to not be wearing dentures today. I told the head of Children’s Ministries he was not allowed back in my class. She told me I wasn’t authorized to make that decision.

    Well I started the program as a volunteer, and I’m not going to be “voluntold”. I ended the program effective immediately. No one else would work with these boys. The parents were livid with me at first for quitting until I told them why I did.

    One little shit had to ruin it for everyone.

  6. One of our daughters drove a school bus for a while. You would not believe the horror stories she told us about the precious, and I do mean precious as in Gollum from Lord of the Rings precious, little brats who rode her bus. One was so bad he had to have a monitor sit next to him to keep him from hitting and spitting on other students. These were grade school age little crumb crunchers. One can only imagine what they are like now that they are in high school….or jail.

  7. from my own experience I only had to ever paddle my children once in their lifetime because I did it right the first time.

    all I can say is if you have to do it more than once you didn’t do it right the first time or you enjoy doing it.

    my ex-wife was one of those “never spank a child” types.
    she used to call me up to complain about the boys misbehaving.
    it never dawned on her that it was her that had the problem.

    they are now both happily married with children of their own who they never had to spank more than once.

  8. I think the phrase is ‘Never hit a Lady’.
    Some women aren’t Ladies.
    Or was it ‘Never hit a Lady with a baby, use your fists’.

  9. One semester of student teaching in an area High School was enough evidence for me to never teach.

    Those little, know everything, arrogant pricks were just like I was in High School.

  10. What will never come out is the fact this little monster was probably horribly abusing an even younger or smaller child, and that the only way to stop it was to remove him from the bus. Little boys with no moral foundation will be vicious to anyone who is weaker than them.

    And of course the reaction to this will only make the problem worse. Should also do wonders for the bus driver shortage as well. Who is going to drive a bus when your options are — Let a child brutalize another child until you get sued for damages or do something about it and get driven into hiding

  11. As Burner said, the rule is “Never hit a lady”, not “Never hit a woman”.

    Possessing a vagina doesn’t make you a lady, nor does it grant the owner full immunity from the consequences of un-ladylike behavior.

  12. The bus driver will have the last laugh when someday he see this kid behind a counter repreating the phrase, “woot you likes frys wiff dat?”.

    “How dem reparations goin’, son?”

    Wouldn’t that be worth a bus driving job? Then again, maybe the bus driver and the kid both need to end up behind a burger counter. Either way I win because I sell guns.


  13. Schoolbus drivers should be equipped with tasers and handcuffs.
    Otherwise every school bus must have a police officer on board.

    On-bus videos should be viewed unedited, and riders should be banned from riding after a FIRST violent offense, regardless of age. You’d get more parental cooperation (if any parents exist).

  14. As a result of the school bus incident, the boy allegedly suffered a concussion and bruises
    his mother said..

    She didn’t even know about this “until more than 24 hours later..”, according to another news source. Uh huh. Now there’s a lawsuit like a bus crash in NYC..

    adding that the 7-year-old was afraid to return to school as well.

    Well, maybe he should be, because school is a place where consequences follow actions. At least, it’s supposed to be. Thanks Preezy. We’ll be a generation udoing that bit of f***ery.

    You know how this happens? Because somewhere along the line, someone taught this child through results that behaving badly (or dangerously – there’s probably a good reason he was being dragged by his feet; gitcho hans off me!) works. It works great for them, no matter how badly it works for everyone around them, once they’ve been spat out into the world to be around people who have to deal with him or her.

    A few years ago, Jeff Goldstein posted a story about a five year old who decided to spin out and was put in an administrative office. Cops were called, child was handcuffed. Jeff was aghast. We mixed it up briefly over the the right v wrongness of it. I never got back to him about it before Protein Wisdom closed (which is a shame because it made for some great reading).

    Here’s the thing. If it were a cop having to do that to remove a child from a bus, what would be the consequences? Would people say he was expected to discharge his duty and did exactly that with minimal harm to everyone – inclucing himself? Would there be any adult capable of speaking of his behalf, should it be known that a child is out of control, dangerous to himself and others? I’m not saying that was the case here because I don’t know. In the case of the five year old from Jeff’s story, I wanted to comment that schools are still considered to act in loco parentis. Meaning among other things, that a five year old spinning out in a furnished office (there was no place to put her, aka rubber room) would be held accountable to any harm the kid came to in the middle of her tantrum, while causing physical damage to other students, admins, furniture and/or computers. What office doesn’t keep scissors in the desk drawer?

    I drove special needs – behavioral, not organic – in Big City Northeast USA. Kindergarten through eigth grade, all together on the same run. Got a kid whose behavior can’t be moderated by an aide for the 12 minutes it take to get them home? Take ’em back to the school. I once saw a teacher come onto the bus kick a kid in the ass. Literally. It was the magic that got him to behave, and not be such a distraction that impeded safe operation of the bus, or such a bullying menace to the aide or other kids. No lawsuit.

    I hope the bus had a working camera. People who do these jobs don’t up and decide to drag a kid off the bus without reason. Maybe it was not a sound reason. Since it’s their job on the line, I hope for their sakes it was.

    As far as the Burr video and statements, maybe women should be mindful of their own bullying-I-dare you behavior.

  15. A squadron of “Preachers” get camera time defending Momma and her child.
    WHERE’s THE DADDY?! Is one of the Preachers the Daddy?

    Sure would be nice if all da chillren has a Daddy!
    How many little boys who act up, do so without fear of Daddy’s disapproval? Riddle me that, Feminazi educators!

    Oh wow, look how riddle sounds like RITALIN!

  16. janitor- True. Maybe he could have. But then, sometimes there’s a chance of getting bitten or a chance of getting kicked (why he’s holding his legs).

    I’ve seen hyperactive kids turn from jumpy little happy squirts to pure demented evil on the playground, whose strength doubles when they’re angry. If they’re playing sports and have access to a baseball bat or jump rope. Pfft. Forget about it.

  17. As for hitting women, we have had a “boyfriend” of a daughter break her ribs once, her arm once and her sternum once. He felt that there are reasons to hit a woman. If he comes to this house again he may not leave on his feet. I got ready.


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