Bailing Because They’re Failing Their Constituents

The partisan warfare between the governor and state legislators, as well as within the parties themselves, have a number of state house members in Illinois calling it quits.    More

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  1. I have absolutely no sympathy or compassion for Illinois Legislators.
    Through their greed, corruption and regulations the Chicago Democrat stranglehold on Illinois have run most businesses and many life long residents out of Illinois.

    Illinois, the most corrupt, pro-Union, anti-business, highest taxes, most costly workers comp, highest property taxes, user fees and licenses.

    Those who are now leaving the legislature are the ones who over decades placed the state in an unrecoverable debt situation by raiding state employee and education retirement systems, road fund revenues, insider contracts, ghost payroll state jobs, nepotism, patronage, increased government dependents, spending on unrealistic pork projects and kickbacks.

    Now there’s not much left to steal or reward their contributors, so they are taking their golden parachute retirement package while they leave the good citizens of Illinois to carry the burdens of their corruption.
    Good Riddance to bad rubbish.

  2. Chicago is one big rip off to do business in.
    You have to be crazy to deal with them.
    Even the non union labor is corrupt.

  3. They don’t give a shit about their constituents and never have. They’re leaving because they’re no more money left to steal.

  4. The unions have been fixing I90 / I94 for 50 damn years.

    As one side gets fixed in 20 years, they go and tear up the others side for 20 years. It’s the most inefficient road construction you’ve ever seen. The Romans woulda had it fixed in 10 years to last the next 2000 years.

  5. In Wis, we called people from Illinois Flatlanders. Many had no idea how to not be an asshole. It was how they were raised. You had to be on guard at all times when dealing with them. You better know what you’re doing because the slightest ball-dropping from you will be taken advantage of – with a laugh in your face while they do it.

    Too many Yankees were assholes to put it all on the flatlanders, but Chicago is where I learned to signal and lane change at the same time just to stay legal-ish and actually accomplish the move. If you signaled your intention to change lanes – it always, and I mean always, resulted in the vehicle in that lane speeding up to block you.

    I was like f**king with people was one of their few joys in life.

    I would never live anywhere near Chicago. Life’s too short for that crap.

  6. Imagine what would happen to states like Illinois, California and New York if the proposal to not allow state taxes to be deducted from Federal Income tax goes through. All the productive people would leave collapsing the tax base completely.

    We need to pass a law preventing them from moving to low and no tax states since they destroy everything they touch.

  7. They just don’t have the guts to tell millions of leeches there are very painful pension haircuts in the future. Get out alive and let some sucker get elected only to figure out why the seat was vacated. Swami sees another Detroilet.

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