Baltimore: Dunkin Donuts runs out

Dunkin Donuts runs out of donuts amid supply chain disruptions in Baltimore.


A photo posted on Thursday to Twitter showed a Baltimore location of Dunkin Donuts with a sign saying that they were temporarily out of donuts, and they are probably not the only one.

The photo shown in this article’s image shows the sign, which reads “We apologize, but due to supply chain issues, we do not have donuts today,” followed by “Please try our wonderful bagels and muffins.”

As supply-chain issues only continue to worsen nationwide, many stores are constantly reporting shortages of what they had once considered to be basic items.

According to Newsweek, the food shortages across the US are deepening and widening. There is a looming possibility of a shortage of Thanksgiving turkeys in the US market for this upcoming Nov. 2021.

The supply chain issues are thought to be mainly due to a shortage of workers in warehouses, containers and truck drivers. To keep up, the Biden administration has committed to opening the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports 24 hours a day, seven days a week to try and catch up with the immense and unprecedented backlog of boats waiting to dock. read more

22 Comments on Baltimore: Dunkin Donuts runs out

  1. And it was only last week somebody was complaining about a donut shop having so many donuts they were throwing them away.

  2. Sec. Mayor Pete should be out in Long Beach directing truck traffic from the top of a Peterbuilt like Patton in WWII. Instead, he’s eating smelly cheese and drinking single malt scotch in Glasgow with the climate babies. Sec. Mayor Pete has no balls.

  3. Hey, Joe Put Kamala in charge of the donut shortage, like you did with illegal immigrants.
    We’ll have millions of donuts from Haiti, Central America, Africa and South America. Donuts flowing in all the democrat cities, Catholic Charities, Chamber of commerce, NEA and all the weaponized Federal Agencies.

    If the government sends everyone a dozen donuts we’ll forget about your Afghan stupid disasterous, cowardly, abandonment of Americans, US citizens and 85 Billion dollars of material, weapons and resources.
    And we’ll forget about every damn thing we buy costing 42% MORE than it did under the Trump Administration. Yes, Joe we buy less due to inflation, many have lost our jobs and likely lose our home. Thanks for NOTHING JOE !!! FJB

  4. I hoid they didn’t really run out of donuts.
    They ran out of the ammo they use punch the holes in those Baltimore Donuts!

  5. Running out of any food in a restaurant in Baltimore could probably get you shot by some psycho that has it in their head they’ve been disrespected.

  6. Joe is running the California ports 24 hrs a day because of worker shortages. So who is doing third shift if you have no workers? Probably dead people being paid and they all have Joe’s bank account number as the direct deposit.

  7. Bob October 18, 2021 at 10:01 am

    Dunkin Donuts are not donuts they are cakenuts. Coffee isn’t too bad in an emergency.

    I like their coffee and buy it occasionally to make at home. I’m drinking some right now…not bad stuff. I make the brand names in my own coffee pot, thus eliminating dealing with high priced coffee over-the-counter in a cup.

  8. I know, let’s take those 2 million Mexican and Haitian illegal immigrants and fast-track them to get their CDLs, and put them behind the wheels of 100,000 pound semi trucks! What could go wrong? Is mayor Pete still nursing?


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