Fully Vaccinated Colin Powell Dies From Covid

The Hill-

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell died on Monday at the age of 84 due to complications from COVID-19, his family announced in a statement.

The family said the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had been fully vaccinated and was receiving treatment at Walter Reed National Medical Center.

“General Colin L. Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, passed away this morning due to complications from Covid 19. He was fully vaccinated. We want to thank the medical staff at Walter Reed National Medical Center for their caring treatment,” the Powell family said in a statement posted to Facebook.

“We have lost a remarkable and loving husband, father, grandfather and a great American,” the family added.

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  1. Fully vaccinated didn’t help, should have tried horse wormer and lived. Another MSM victim bites the brick dust.

  2. Doctor’s note: “He died after being put on the respirator just like the Protocol from Medicare required.”

    Him and thousands of others in the surplus population as directed the Emmanuel brothers.

  3. Guess he wasn’t high enough on the food chain to get the salt water jab with backup ivermectin.

    You never were a member of the Club, Colin. The Club sees turncoats as useful idiots.

    But I’ll always remember you for the “dickin’ bimbos” comment. Although maybe that’s what got you blackballed.

  4. Vaccine effectiveness diminishes with the age of the recipient and that is probably the least of the issues with it.

  5. Had a lot of respect for him until he endorsed Baracky Osmidgen twice. Once was understandable, twice was unforgivable.

  6. There’s a lurking grouchy somewhere who’ll blame the victim – fully vaxxed and still dead? From complications from Covid?
    Doesn’t sound like much of a “vaccination” to me.


    izlamo delenda est …

  7. He became a racist commie traitor in the end.

    No loss.

    Enjoy hell, asshole.

    Killed by the very Communists you loved so much.

    Get used to it, fellow travelers. Only the pigs get to live on this Animal Farm…

  8. Died on a respirator in the hospital? Does anyone with the Chinese flu die in their own home?

    My gal who has worked in various medical fields all her life has told me that going on a ventilator is generally a death sentence.

    When you’re so aligned with the idiocy of the left that you ignore proven prophylactics and proven recovery protocols than you’ve hit your head diving into the shallow end of the IQ pool.

    If you’ve ever heard of the Peter Principle than you know Powell as the poster child.

  9. This morning at breakfast, as Powell entered Circle Four, everyone chanted “Let’s Go Colin!”

    Teddy Kennedy tapped me on the clavicle and said, “They really mean ‘Fuck You Colin.’ ” Who knew?

  10. Powell was an Establishment RINO who was obviously a true believer in all the non-existing “benefits” of the China Covid jab. More than likely he was on board with the deadly Covid medical protocols when he got sick. Bet a Covid booster finished him off. That’s the ultimate step to take for those convinced Covid jabs “work”.

  11. 84, his time was up, nothing is gonna stop that process, delay it maybe, but any without pain or suffering, absolutely not.

  12. Black, male life expectancy in the United States is 75. Colin Powell had an extra NINE years to vote for Democrats, and he finally got his abortion.

    – Ralph Northam

  13. I hope Mr. Powell knew Jesus! That is the only thing that matters.

    This CNN article (that I read) says he died from “COVID complications”, but give NO specific descriptors. Hmmm, maybe blood clots were contributing factors given what we now know about the jabs?

    Colin was dead to conservatives when he endorsed Obama a couple weeks before the 2008 election and clearly stated he was doing so because of his skin color….very sad.

  14. Whadda a guy, still a turncoat to the bitter end. Fully vaccinated, what could go wrong? Get the jab, meet the slab. It’s true, one right after another.

  15. The center of the ninth circle of hell is for people who have betrayed the trust of someone or something close and special. Hope Colon Bowel enjoys it there.

  16. Tony R nailed it! That was funny as hell.

    I once discussed Colon with an O-9 who had worked with Colon in the Pentagon. He said Colon was the definition of a “political general”. AKA An ass-kissing, over-cautious officer who avoids tough decisions for fear of derailing his military career.

    The result is a Casper Milquetoast chickenshit pussy of an officer.

  17. Colon was a loyal Company man. Let’s hear how the Company plays this news.

    Particularly since they want to mandate the jab to the military and black Americans.

  18. Norman Schwarzkopf never trusted the Deep State SOB. Friends at Ft Lewis who were tight with General Schwarzkopf told me that way back in the Desert Storm days.

    “Mightily exercised, Schwarzkopf replied: “And you’re telling me that for political reasons you don’t want to go in and tell the President he shouldn’t do something that’s militarily unsound? For chrissakes, Colin, don’t you understand? My Marine commander has come to me and said we need to wait. We’re talking about Marines’ lives!””

    “Don’t patronize me with talk about human lives!” Powell shouted back.

  19. Just another establishment RINO turncoat disappointment who had long outlived any usefulness or relevancy he might once have had. I’m not glad he’s dead, but I’m not sorry he’s gone, either.

  20. Going for my booster Pfizer shot today. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Most likely he had other health issues, died from virus, I really doubt it. Complications at his age, nothing gets better or easier as as one ages.

  21. Meh. Not sorry he’s gone.

    BTW- he had multiple myeloma. So he already had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. The jab, the WuFlu and the ventilator just gave him that last nudge on the shoulder.

  22. More proof that the clot shot doesn’t work, in fact it seems to make things worse. A tube of apple flavored horse dewormer might have saved him.

  23. Except for his voting democrat for the next fifty years we are now done with the public persona of that affirmative action turd! Long dead the dead!

  24. Don’t kid yourself, he knew too much. He’s just one of a plethora of deep state assholes that are about to bite the dust. The Covid thing is the cover story.

  25. He wuz 84 years old and sick with cancer and other stuff. He had one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peel. Let’s be truthful here. He died with COVID, not of COVID!

  26. That’s the thing Dr.Tar, if covid was so bad we’d have lost evil cunts like Nancy, biden*, & most of the fucking dinosaurs in DC as well.

    How many famous people have actually died from covid?

  27. There was a man named Powell
    Who caught the covid so foul
    The disease spread
    From toe to head
    And finally invaded his Bowel

  28. There once was a fetid bowel
    Inside of a man named Powell
    It was no sweet rose
    As you might suppose
    But emitted a scent so foul

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