Bandy Lee, psychiatrist darling of the left, gets destroyed by Mark Levin

Mark interviews Bandy Lee, a psychiatrist who is all over failed Democrat media touting her book “The dangerous case of Donald Trump”. It doesn’t go well for Bandy.

40 minute mark.

ht/ C. Steven Tucker

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  1. I actually listened to this interview yesterday (and I don’t often get the opportunity to listen to Mark) and thought to myself anyone “treated” by this twit no doubt comes out worse for the experience than better!

  2. JFC… What an utterly lying, despicable, fraudulent cunt from hell this woman is.

    “It’s been scientifically proven that you can diagnose certain conditions more accurately from a distance.”

    What a fucking asshole.

  3. I didn’t listen long enough to get to the money shot, there must have been one.
    People like this wack-a-doodle are a dime a dozen out there.
    I trust a high school dropout’s opinion more than hers.
    They talk in circles and say nothing, people today have no idea of critical thinking, education no longer teaches that.
    Sorry about the gender assumption.

  4. So we’ve had journalists, intelligence/LE officials, washed-up politicians, and now so-called psychiatrists all gorging themselves on the TDS gravy train. I can see some enterprising garbage collector, electrician, auto mechanic, telemarketer, gardener saying to himself, “Looks like a sweet gig, watch a few rally speeches then get rich writing a book spouting any nonscientific conclusion I come up with as long as it trashes Trump”.

    I wish Levin would have pinned her down on exactly how Trump is a danger, exactly how he poses a “harm” to the community and most importantly, how this dangerous man should be removed, what means are acceptable to her.

    Levin should have also hit her with the fact that hysterical hyperbolic books like hers are exactly the root cause of violence against others, drawing a direct line from “danger” to removal of that danger by any means necessary.

  5. Thirty years of Hillary’s florid “ecology” of megalomania, and this twit wasn’t the least bit worried that Hillary would nut up if she didn’t get what she wanted? I’m not sure I trust this fraud’s “hypothesizing” about anyone.

    Especially when she claimed her book was based on info from the Mueller report, and Levin unhelpfully reminded her that her book was written before the Mueller report. What a hack.

  6. It’s hilarious that this “psychiatrist” agreed to take on Mark Levin. She is so wrapped up in her own specialness, that she thought she was smarter than him. She’s going to need some salve for those burns.

  7. Listened to this live while working in the shop. He metaphorically ripped her arms off and beat her with ‘um.

  8. At least she’s not a SURGEON! Could you imagine how dangerous she would be in the O.R.?

    She is a disgrace to the profession of mental health!

  9. I don’t think anyone could contradict themselves more than this Lee woman did.
    She is probably a failure in her profession and this is how she saw a way to make money.

  10. “I made no diagnosis about the mental health of the President. I am just warning about what a danger he is because he is a whack job.”

    She said how mental health professionals could be misled by someone when they are meeting personally for the purpose of diagnosing. I once read a book by a forensic psychiatrist. She said that when people are trying to mislead they go so far overboard that it shows.

    Funny how she seemed to think that the Goldwater Rule was a good one, but the APA basically restating it now is a chilling gag order.

    The only advise I would give to this woman is , “Physician, heal thyself.”

  11. He did a fantastic job here.

    I listen to him on podcasts on the way to work almost daily and have an appreciation for his intellect. I have to take a break from him from time to time though.

  12. And people wondered why I beat the crap out of the first two psychiatrists my high school sent me to.

  13. Radio-
    I always remembered this moment with The Hillside Strangler under hypnosis, and the moment the psychiatrists knew he was faking.
    Bianchi physically engages with a subject the psychiatrists told him was in the room. People DO NOT do that. Only fakers.
    This is why you examine the “mentally ill” in person, not through the Tee Vee.

    Here’s that moment–

  14. I love how Mark gets impatient and blasts her.
    I will give her credit for sticking around.
    Tiny voice notwithstanding…
    He definitely exposed her bias that she herself was truly unaware of.

    Levin was on and off the Trump train, like myself, in 2016.
    He, like me, became fully aware of the stakes…


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