Bannon Wasn’t Kidding When He Said Hillary is Stupid


George Orwell’s 1984 served as a cautionary tale for what happens when authority goes horribly wrong and when government intrudes into every aspect of its citizens life, including their own thoughts. It was a prophecy of what was (and is) to come if people did not fight back against the militant leftism – then the Soviet Union – that had ruled Eastern Europe with an iron fist.

However, the woman who should never be President (and thankfully never will be) believes that Orwell’s warning was about why people should trust authority: people like herself, the mainstream media, sycophantic journalists, Hollywood, etc.


Oh jeez.


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  1. Does anyone really believe that this insipid woman actually wrote this door stopper of a screed by herself between walks in the woods, bouts of manic house cleaning, nostril yoga, and knocking back gallons of Chardonnay? Before this farce has played its last pathetic act, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Enevitable One Who Won’t Shut Up, will turn on her ghost writer and blame this catastrophe on him or her. Until then, I just want to savor her stupidity.

  2. Clearly, this idiot is having a slow motion break down. Why do we keep talking about her? Unless of course they’ve arrested her for treason.

  3. I’ll agree she is stupid, even dumb at times.
    But her interpretation of 1984 is based on her true beliefs, not stupidity. She does believe that government should rule mankind, and not mankind be the master of government.
    Not real happy with trump these days, especially with what I’m reading about his stance on pending free speech legislation, but I’m sure glad clinton lost.

  4. my personal, heartfelt message to ms hillary rodham clinton….

    just FOAD……just FOAD….or maybe ESAD…..whatever….


    exit, stage left…..get the hell out of here….leave me to die in peace, without your horrid voice on the radio….FOAD…..just FOAD…….just get the fuck out of my life, and never come back….

    am i allowed to say that?

  5. Bad Brad- I voted for trump, and enthusiastically followed his campaign. Lately I’m not so sure where I stand. He’s not following through on what he sold.

  6. Toby, You are still a Cruz Guy. Admit it. Where you a Cruz guy in the primaries? I can spot them a mile away. And I would also mention Trump has accomplished more of his agenda than 98% of Presidents. So now he’s forced to deal with the enemy because they are more truthful and predictable than his own party. I gotta ask you, how far do you think Cruz would be right now if it were his Presidency? Preacher Boy would have done the same as the rest, fold up and give a State Of The Nation speech every year. You put the blame on the wrong people/person pal. If Trump feels he needs to give up the border wall (which he won’t) to get his tax plan through he’ll do it. Trump won’t settle for no forward movement. Our traitorous RINO’s need to suffer the fate of traitors. Line them up.

  7. Probably 200 million people have read George Orwell’s 1984 and every single one of them saw the book as a warning against an ever powerful government, except for one single solitary woman who sees it as extolling the benefits of an overarching government. Yeah, she’s a genius alright. A head up her ass elite genius.

  8. Sorry, but wasn’t ever a Cruz supporter. Nor do I have any idea what Cruz would have done, had he gained office. He probably would have had a different focus than trump, and of that, I couldn’t guess what he might have accomplished.
    What sets me off about trump is his lack of encouraging pursuit of clinton and all the liars of the obama administration. (“If I were president, you’d be in jail”). lerner has gotten another pass card, and corruption seems to continue as the DOJ appears to not have interest there. koskinen is still at IRS, even. I don’t totally blame trump. But I also don’t understand why he has moved most of his family into government, and it at least looks like he depends on their approval for his actions. I think he should ask his family to leave, and return to his manner and presentation of the primaries. And I would probably vote for him again, regardless.

  9. In my comment above- when I was talking about family, I wasn’t referring to wife Melania or son, but rather daughter and son in law and son.

  10. “What sets me off about trump is his lack of encouraging pursuit of clinton and all the liars of the obama administration. (“If I were president, you’d be in jail”). lerner has gotten another pass card, and corruption seems to continue as the DOJ appears to not have interest there. koskinen is still at IRS, even. I don’t totally blame trump.”

    At this point in time is that REALLY Trumps Fing job? Is his plate full enough? Call up Jeffery and ask him WTF? I agree with you, these people should swing. who’s protecting them? The deep state? What the HELL is going on with the FBI and the DOJ?

  11. I think the level of corruption, if honestly disclosed, would totally collapse our government. That’s it in a nutshell, as they say. Otherwise, I don’t have a clue.
    I say he should go for it. But he has decreased his intensity. ‘There’s a million ways to skin a cat, but the object is still the same- get the skin off.’
    And clinton is indeed stupid. I checked.

  12. Toby, So here’s my problem with what you assert. Trumps a total outsider. Total. He has few friends. He just spent 6 or 7 months waiting for HIS/OUR party to back his agenda. An agenda you and I and mot people voted for. Our Party bitch slapped him/us. Think about Repeal and Replace and how many of these ass holes campaigned on that promise. How is that his fault. I’m more in his corner than ever. And if he deals with the Libtards to get 50% of his agenda through with out the RINOs so be it. 2018 these bastards need to pay. Google up jim Jordan on FOX News Sunday. Last Sunday. He’s clearly part of the problem. A Ryan BUTT BUDDY.

  13. The smartest woman in the world, and a LAWYER, couldn’t detect her husband was cheating on her for 40 years?

    Two choices:




  14. BB- I couldn’t do the job that he is now in, nor do I think I would want it. But I totally admire him for trying to do what he says he wants to do. And primary season will be a busy time, for sure. As far as ‘repeal and replace’- people just flat out lied about that. It was ‘safe’ for them to vote for repeal while obama was in office, as a veto would be certain. But now, they just hide. trump should publicize that congress members, and many other government employees, have a different health care package than everyday citizens. Threaten them with that some. mccain wouldn’t have the care he has had if he had gone to the VA, that’s for sure. And I hope he says strong on immigration and citizenship with unearned benefits. It ticks me off that many illegal aliens are receiving more benefits than citizens that worked their whole lives to earn them and need them.
    Crazy world in which we live.

  15. Toby,

    I guess I have one thing to add. Trumps a freight train of results. He’s been doing it for his entire life. Getting reelected is the last damn thing on his mind right now. He’s a businessman doing what business man do. And I got to be honest, I’m not sure he anticipated this much corruption and dysfunction. Pretty damn pathetic. Maybe his biggest mistake.


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