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Barbie Caught “Whitesplaining” Racism To Her Black Friend, Nikki

Barbie has had her own YouTube page for about 8 years now. About a week ago she had her friend, Nikki, over to the dream house for a conversation about racism.

While I’m sure her little plastic heart is in the right place, this just wasn’t a good look for the fashion doll. Watch

6 Comments on Barbie Caught “Whitesplaining” Racism To Her Black Friend, Nikki

  1. …again, it’s a fucking DOLL. A child’s toy for dress-up for little girls. It doesn’t have opinions. It can’t be racist.

    Because it isn’t alive.


    Let the little girls it’s given to put the words in it’s mouth.

    As they have done, successfully, for thousands of years…

    …the kiddies can handle this just fine.

    Buh-bye now…

  2. Nikkki has never met her father and her baby daddy is a convicted drug dealer.

    Is that racist or just a stereotype that she happens to fit in?

    Asking for a friend, I personally do not give a fuck..

  3. There are plenty of great dolls with no political baggage. We bought American girl for our daughter, The Grandkids have them now.

  4. When Chucky the Doll gets woke will we have lectures about the benefits of Antifa?

    FYI – The black woman narrating this video is great, she is tired of the BS and can see thru the nonsense.


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