Barstool Sports President Stands up to Union Thuggery

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On August 12, 2019, sports website The Ringer announced that it would be unionizing its staff.

However, Barstool Sports President David Portnoy was not impressed. Portnoy mocked The Ringer’s decision to unionize.

He stated the following:

Listen I’m sure there are reasons for Unions to exist in some companies.  Like inhumane working conditions, bosses who get their jollys filming their employees dicks in the shower, bosses who makes girls cry, fat pens etc.  But for the most part Unions are a fucking joke.


7 Comments on Barstool Sports President Stands up to Union Thuggery

  1. Ooooh he is so asking for a heartfelt nagging from the soyboys, PQRSTDs, bulldykes and other outraged underachieving humanoids!

  2. Does he even have employees? I think that is the upshot – what he said could be construed as illegal threats, but not if there are no employees.
    The ability to unionize is an important freedom, most unions these days are hardly representative of their members.

  3. Q: how many IBEW Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers members does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A: THIRTEEN. Ya gotta fuckin’ problem with that…BUDDY??

  4. Unions are just another ass to kiss. The worst whiners are usually the worst aholes when they get power – and the first to want power.


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