Seattle Leftist Insanity- If a domestic abuser wrecks a rental, the landlord pays


Domestic violence is expensive, particularly for the people experiencing the abuse. 

It’s not uncommon for landlords to bill  survivors of domestic violence pay for property damage caused by their abusers, advocates say. Holes punched in walls, broken windows in rental units – costs from this kind of damage can mount until they’re in collections, or turn into evictions.  

A new bill discussed by the Seattle City Council on Tuesday aims to protect tenants against such bills. The legislation would bar landlords from charging abused tenants for this kind of damage if they have documented evidence that it resulted from domestic violence. 


Background checks were made illegal. The city also wants affordable housing. lol

get ’em dawgies says – Liberal lefties at their finest – short sited, removes accountability, grows government….and screws the landlord (who must be evil, right?….because they have the financial stability to own a rental)

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  1. Libertarianism (small l): Personal freedom; personal responsibility.
    Leftism: My rights (to stuff), your responsibility. And I care so much about other people that I’m going to make you responsible for them too.

  2. Liberals always protect the assholes in life.

    Phuck them and the assholes both.

    Never rent unless you KNOW the renter.

  3. ex Seattle cops will tell you that the dykes are by far the worst domestic abusers. Current Seattle LEO are forbidden to acknowledge this inconvenient truth

  4. Yep. I can see rentals either going UP in price, or going DOWN in availability………or both.
    Why would any landlord have rental property, if he/she can’t make the tenant who caused the damage, pay for the damage?
    Only in Libtard Land.

  5. So, as a landlord, if I look at a couple and the guy looks like a douche and I don’t rent to them, they’ll sue me for discrimination. If I do rent to them, and the guy turns out to be an abusive douche and damages the place, I’m shit outta luck to repair my building. Well sign me up!

  6. Well, thanks going to have ZERO costs passed on to the consumer. Bwahahahaahah.

    The invisible hand will find a way.

  7. I’ve done a lot of work on rentals in my area and it’s pretty much the same. The landlord can take them to court and try to recoup damages but they usually have no assets or jobs because they’re on section 8.

  8. They have no respect for property owners. And yet then they complain about slum lords. Why do they think people stop caring for their rental properties?!

  9. Every friggin day there’s an example of just how badly this once beautiful city is being run (into the ground).

    We’ve been here since 1987. Our retirement (if not sooner) will be elsewhere.

  10. @Jimmy Yes, indeed. Further east for sure. Summers in Alaska maybe. We’ve had an enlightening few years recently that has proven what hypocrites the Left are, our “caring” friends.

    We could pack up the house and move and no one would miss us. Sad all round. We now know who our true friends are.

  11. Uhhmmmm…..
    Don’t they kind of deserve each other?

    Asking you to take sides in their who is the bigger victim status fight.

  12. I was a slumlord at one time. I made tenants get Renters Insurance and provide me with proof. And I could discriminate all I wanted to because I had three rental units total and lived in one of them. Policastro vs Scumbag was the case law.

  13. I’ll never own rental properties again. Renters have more rights of protection than the property owner. Just try evicting them for non payment of rent and see what a lengthy expensive process that is and when they damage your property out of spite, good luck collecting.

    The landlords in Seattle should check their political party registration (public record) and jack the security deposit to the maximum allowable for democrats. You can count on anything from destruction to non payment to being sued by them.

  14. Seattle needs a part time City Council. When they have too much time on their hands they dream up stupid shit like this. Dumb asses.

  15. Future headline: “Seattle experiencing drastic shortage of rental housing, city officials don’t know why”


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