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  1. Dont these “students of higher learning” have better things to do?
    How soon before cis-transgender crossing signs are the norm?

  2. We need one here with a mexican landscaper symbol. In downtown Freehold there are several crosswalks, with the white lines painted across the pavement. On one of these the mexicans congregate looking for work in the morning. Legally, you are required to stop at a crosswalk for pedestrians. On this crosswalk, nobody stops because there is a small crowd of men who are there every morning. One morning, my neighbor told me a woman wanted to cross and they pulled two cars over for not stopping at the crosswalk. (Hers was the third and she got away). But she told me that you couldn’t even see the woman in the crowd of little fat tan men.

  3. “the crowd of little fat tan men”…Im sorry! I’m not a racist, those were her words and not mine. And she is in her 70’s so she get’s the Archie Bunker pardon, right?! 🙂

  4. Okay well screw these signs, which were, in the first place, indulging the illiterate. Change them all back to “WALK” and something else, “X” or whatever.

    Or do away with them altogether. For people who can’t tell when it’s safe to “walk” by looking at the stop lights and traffic, well then then screw them too.

  5. How about a sign that depicts individuals of a certain politically preferred pigmentation slowing to the pace of a sloth any time they are crossing the street and a motor vehicle approaches?

  6. Making them black is a great idea because the point isn’t for anyone to actually be able to SEE them, is it? Besides, I have noticed that people of preferred pigmentation ignore them anyway and will walk out in front of cars that have GREEN lights and dare them to do anything about it.

  7. It just occurred to me that we could solve the global warming problem if we could get people to eliminate the unnecessary use of the word “like” in every sentence. Expelling all that warm air almost certainly contributes to the increase in global temperatures as much as cow farts.

  8. Being a college professor, all I can ask is “what dictionary and/or thesaurus are instructors using?” Most of the common objectives for our courses include “critical thinking”

  9. RogerF, I most likely scored some of your student’s state standardized essays. The ones that passed with top scores, anyway! Thank you for being a fine teacher. Students know when they have been taught properly and they often express that in their essays, either directly or in the quality of their writing abilities. It was such a pleasure to read those essays.

  10. Imagine these fools having nothing better to do? The karma is their being saddled with loan debt. On the other hand, these idiots are probably getting free rides.

    If we don’t take back our education system, we’re doomed as a nation.

  11. You can tell a lot about what a person is like by how slow or fast they walk in front of your stopped car. When they hurry up and get out of the way it’s a sign of respect, then you have the aholes that are extra slow without a thought for anyone else on the planet. I’m thinking they enjoy the power of keeping you from going forward.


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