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BAYRAQ: Biden Has Become The Captain Of Xi Jinping’s Global Cheer Squad

Daily Caller:

When a murderer publicly kills people in their backyards, he can reasonably expect people may run away from him in shame or fear. As the leader who overtly carried out the Uyghur genocide for six years, extended his presidency for the third time and oppresses more than 1.5 billion people, Xi Jinping probably had this concern when he attended the G20 meetings. Human nature dictated that the G20 leaders should have been ashamed to meet and stand by him.

But that was not the case – the race to meet with Xi has started and continues, led by none other than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Xi stood tall, with a sarcastic smile behind his dictatorial political utterances. Given this scenario, we now have to wonder about Joe Biden. Wasn’t he the first politician in the world to openly call the Uyghur situation as genocide during his election speech? Did he not say that he would stick to the Trump administration’s statements position on the Uyghur genocide?!

Biden’s wide smile when meeting with Xi gave two clear signals: Continue the Uyghur genocide, and stay president in perpetuity. We will criticize you verbally, but we will not hinder actions. In essence, he discarded the American principles of foreign policy, honor, and pride.

Uyghurs have the saying “lick the saliva,” which means accepting something after denying it – it is sacrificing honor to keep benefits. To avoid falling into this position, the president of a country recognizing a genocide should not be friendly with the perpetrator – even if the two countries are not fighting or require an emergency meeting. President Biden should not have rushed to meet with a murderer. At the very least, he should have had an expression of desperation and discomfort versus an endless smile on his face. MORE

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  1. Meanwhile . . .

    I C E . C R E A M






    I C E . C R E A M

  2. You’re a bigger fool, if you’re deceived into thinking
    that old ‘Sniffy’ has any say whatsoever, in matters of state.
    He doesn’t. He is a tool to be used for blaming, if and (God help us)
    when democrats are called to task

  3. ALL of the G20 lowlies are race exterminators, planning to infuse whatever is left of global societies with genetically engineered creatures, vile facsimiles of humans. Pretty sure satan is laughing his head off.

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