BC Court: Teen girl can stay on male hormone shots without Dad’s consent

The rebel:

There’s perhaps no case before the courts right now that will have a more deleterious effect on Canadians’ rights than one being heard right now in British Columbia.

Be it parental rights or free speech rights, the case of AB (a gender-transitioning child ) vs. CD (the father who opposes the transition) has made it clear that activists and social workers seem to get the final say on a child’s future in Canada. more

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  1. I really think that down the road that there’s going to be Hell to pay for all these deluded kids mis-guided by the latest Social Media Poop du-Jour when they eventually find our how badly they’ve been scarred for life! God knows I certainly wouldn’t want to be looking over my shoulder ten years from now just waiting for somebody I helped mutilate to pounce… but then I wouldn’t do something like that to a kid in the first place!

  2. I will advise that all Canadian conservatives to move south to Texas, Florida, and Arizona and become American citizens because it will be a win-win:
    1. Canadians who hold their conservative values will be able to uphold them in the USA.
    2. We, in the USA, need an antidote to all the liberals leaving their failed USA communities and infiltrating our successful conservative states with their liberal mindset and turning them purple and blue.

  3. The reason I opposed the military draft in the US is it made the person the property of the state. This makes the child the property of the state and as such, the parent’s loss of authority should clearly be followed with the elimination of responsibility. A normal understanding says, that which I have authority over I am responsible for and that which I am responsible for I have authority over.

  4. @Walter Johnson: DH served in the military and proudly. You in some ways are property of the State. You must obey State rules, you must pay taxes, you have no say over public education and what they teach your children in school. While in school, they are the property of the State. You can home school, but expect the State to look over your shoulder in doing so. And like the “it” we’re talking about, it’s telling her parents to #uck off! I say let “it” be, it will soon expire. /just saying

  5. If the state wants to nullify the authority of the parent in raising the child, then the state can take full responsibility for finishing raising the child.
    Here’s your suitcase, buh-bye, no longer my problem.

  6. Time for the father to abandon.

    The Canadian (BC) government will force the father to pay for the meds, treatments, living arrangements, etc.

    They will deduct it from his wages through the courts if he refuses.

    Time for him to vanish and go pick coconuts off the grid.

  7. If the child is of an age to make a “rational”
    idiotic decision and went against my advice and
    consent, I would walk. If you can’t be a full
    parent, why be any at all?

  8. Well, the upside (or the sad part, depending on your perspective) is that when it is 25 and in deep, hysterical, depressed regret, it won’t be able to scream at the parent that he should have done something to stop it, and why did he go along with it, because it was only a child.


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