Birth of A Bluebird Family – IOTW Report

Birth of A Bluebird Family

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  1. The maniacs that insist on trying to set up housekeeping in my garage don’t take 8 days to finish their nests… maniacs!

  2. The only blue birds that we have around here in N. Idaho, Western Montana are Stellar’s Jays, a type of blue jay usually only seen in the mountains. Stellar’s Jays were discovered by Lewis and Clark during their trip thru the Rocky mtns. on their way to the Pacific Ocean with the Corps of Discovery from 1804 to 1806. I have seen them often higher up while driving over Lookout Pass into Montana. And on the pass up towards Winchester, Idaho S. of Lewiston on US 95 towards Grangeville, Idaho.

  3. Loved it.

    Had a loon show up today. Tad early, either the remainder of winter is gonna be light or he’s gonna have a tough time feeding himself with the ice that might return.

  4. I’ve gone overboard on bird houses on my property. It makes me happy to see bird houses here and there. I also spend a fortune feeding the birds. Bird watching is what I do when I’m stressed out.


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