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At the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting, they passed a resolution that included a declaration of support for the Black Lives Matter movement.


Meanwhile in St. Paul, Minnesota, Black Lives Matter protestors where heard chanting this weekend “Pigs in a blanket. Fry’em like bacon.”

The anti-law enforcement bent by the Democrat Party couldn’t be clearer for all to see.


A bunch of pandering Socialist, Anarchist and Criminals.

Who will be the first the Republican candidate for President to call them out on their love of all things destructive to society?

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  1. The Democrat party is the pinnacle for tolerance and diversity……as long as it can continue to fool the dumbasses that vote for them into perpetual voluntary enslavement.

    The DNC has them so brainwashed that they actually beg for the chains. “Where’s my ObamaPhone?”, “where’s my welfare check?”

    And the more stupid, (us), continue to pay for the dumbassery through our voluntary tax money on April 15.

  2. I can’t wait to see how the BLM’ers treat the DNC when they have their convention in the city of brotherly love. Hope the Scooby van doesn’t get torched.

  3. Is the black female (I may assume too much) in front, far right wearing a t shirt that says “kill white” something? If so, I wonder if she made eye contact with the white useful idiots marching with her or just ignored them as they should be ignored?

  4. Would it be too much for me to request that if they’re going to kill them some whiteys, that they start with the ones closest to them? I mean they already feel guilty for being white, so they probably wouldn’t mind dieing for the cause. I know sure wouldn’t mind.

  5. The Black ‘Lies’ Matter group need the US Military to put a stop to them the way they did in the Zoot Suit Riots in San Diego and LA in the forties.
    Gangs of axe handle carrying Sailors and Marines cleaned out the gang infested neighborhoods of San Diego and Los Angeles
    They should be deployed here to beat these ignorant fucktards out of their present delusional state.
    The white ones in that group need a Hickory Makeover with facial rearrangement therapy

  6. And THIS is why the GOP must DIE:
    this is the PERFECT opportuntiy to “AKIN” the Dems.

    Will they?
    *catching breath*

  7. Back in the ’60s, Lester Maddox was described as using an axe handle to clear his Pickrick Restaurant of protesting blacks.
    It wasn’t an axe handle, rather a pick handle, Pickrick get it.
    Journalists are just as ignorant about tools today, don’t know what a clip is but they can tell you what a Montblanc is.

    Guess who called ol’ Lester “the essence of the Democratic Party”?
    None other than Jemmah Carter, leader of the party of racists.
    Dims can protest this, those of us who were there, know better.
    All the KKK guys, overt racists and subversive racists I have ever known, it’s a lot, were Democrats.
    Yellow dog Democrats, every one.

  8. Anyone who wants to know more about the orchestration of the BLM crap, just look up the group OA 206 – I think you’ll get a much better view on the whole philosophy of it all, which essentially is to tear down the system as it stands and re-create it in the image of the dindus in order to get over on the white man even more than they already are. Any organization who has one of their core tenets as “Fuck the police: As an institution fundamentally rooted in white supremacy and anti-Blackness we reject the police presence in our communities, absolutely. It is our responsibility to hold each other accountable and keep each other safe.” is one who deserves what they’re asking for – get ALL cops out of the hoods, let them turn into the hellholes that they’re destined to become when ruled by their own kind, until the point is reached where they will cry out “Please, white people, save us from ourselves!”

    Funny how a group of white people who want to self-segregate would be considered a terrorist organization in this nation, yet a group of blacks and whites intent on causing harm to life and property who use chaos and violence as their tools are left completely alone….

  9. Duh.

    My point being that people DON”T say it differently, as he stated.

    Some just use the wrong one when they spell it.

    One more time my attempt at brevity fails.

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