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Behold- the BLACK MAN

The struggle is real.

If Shaun King is Black, I’m a kangaroo.

But not one with a pouch, like he has.

(He doesn’t even tan, he burns.)

26 Comments on Behold- the BLACK MAN

  1. He is often referred to as ‘Talcum X’ – and didn’t we come up with that here?
    A new one to me was ‘Martin Luther Cream’.

  2. whitest black man I ever saw
    this guy looks like the inspiration to ‘Whiter Shade of Pale
    bet he can’t dance or sing
    he’s about as black as Dizzy Lizzy Warren is Native American
    Michael Jackson wants to know his secret to being so white
    if he was a bathtub ring you’d never have to clean it
    if this guy was laundry detergent you’d never need bleach
    bet he can’t even dribble, except out of his mouth

    publicly de-pants this clown & you’d clearly remove any doubt

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