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Ben Carson Responds To “Fetal Tissue” Smear


I wanted to use our time tonight to directly deal with an attack launched on me today by the left and the media. A couple questions came in on this subject, so I want to address it head on.

Today I was accused by the press as having done research on fetal tissue. It simply is not true. The study they distributed by an anonymous source was done in 1992. The study was about tumors. I won’t bore you with the science. There were four doctors’ names on the study. One was mine. I spent my life studying brain tumors and removing them. My only involvement in this study was supplying tumors that I had removed from my patients. Those tissue samples were compared to other tissue samples under a microscope. Pathologists do this work to gain clues about tumors.

I, nor any of the doctors involved with this study, had anything to do with abortion or what Planned Parenthood has been doing. Research hospitals across the country have microscope slides of all kinds of tissue to compare and contrast. The fetal tissue that was viewed in this study by others was not collected for this study.

I am sickened by the attack that I, after having spent my entire life caring for children, had something to do with aborting a child and harvesting organs. My medical specialty is the human brain and even I am amazed at what it is capable of doing. Please know these attacks are pathetic attempts to blunt our progress.


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  1. “I am sickened by the attack’


    joe6pak is right; fight them, DON’T ever be silent. That only encourages them and makes them appear right when you don’t respond.

    That’s what McCain and Mitty did thinking they would be ‘above’ those who threw barbed spears. Instead, they appeared weak and guilty to the lofo voters.

  2. Joe6pak is absolutely right Dr. Carson. Turn it around on them and shred them into little liberal meatballs and feed ’em to the hogs.

  3. Although this deal has all the earmarks of the democrat dirty tricks squad, don’t underestimate Jeb’s or Crispy’s ability and interest in doin this.

  4. Thanks for posting this BFH. I’ve been having a running dialogue with a bunch of abortion loving leftist over on Mediaite today and this was one area where they seemed to have the upper hand.

    I, of course updated every one of their post that accused Dr. Carson of being a hypocrite for participation in the 1992 study after seeing your post.

    Leftist – consistently immune to the truth or logic.

    Here’s the link if anyone wants to try to reason with leftist.

  5. Leftist’s are too lazy to do their homework. They’d rather quickly parrot some half-ass thought out gibberish they read from some other lazy liberal. It spirals downward from there, collectively, numbingly, feeling good about themselves while slithering into their Subaru’s, burning fossil fuels, going to that place where they can freely worship Gaiea, because, you know, they’re super smart, connected, one-with-earth, or something. Fu@king morons. We’re 19 trillion in debt. These Clinks could confiscate all the wealth from Buffett, Gates and the Koch brothers – combined – and we’d still be 19 trillion in debt – plus a couple hundred thousand more people unemployed. Dumb are those who vote for liberals. Ignorance is bliss, aintz it, yo’z?

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