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Ben Shapiro is 5’9″

(He got his 5’5″ shill to go up on stage) (lololol)

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  1. I have to support Ben Shapiro here, and I’m not talking about propping him up on stage.

    Nobody agrees with everything another person says, but In my view he is a fighter for conservatism. If I am wrong, what has Shapiro said that makes his voice so unwanted? He is very smart, quick and articulates extremely well, IMO.

  2. I too do not know what Shapiro has said or done in the past to make him such a persona non grata.

    I receive his (Daily Wire) daily e-mail update and all that I see and read is spot-on. He’s got a pretty good line-up of contributing commentators – Candace Owens, Michael Knowles, Matt Walsh…and others.

    What did he do to draw the ire of conservatives?

  3. I think he drew the ire when he was very against Trump early on. But that’s OK, many who were came around, and in a big way. Greg Gutfeld, Dennis Prager, Mark Levin…

    My only complaint about Ben is that he needs to talk a little slower and a little lower on his radio show.

  4. Irony has it right, he still does not support Trump 100%.
    They all want their guy,not Trump.
    We need them but,I will never trust them again.
    Prager was the only one who went all in once Trump was our guy.


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