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Ben Shapiro, Stop Worrying About What the Left Thinks

Ben  (and to be fair, many others on the right) is rolling over and peeing into the sky for the left… ever the beta dog.

In this clip he says this should be a good week for Trump, having scored some wins, but instead everyone is mired in the Comey-affair.

Well, if everyone is mired in it it’s because Ben is continually validating it and breathing life into it, giving the story muscular legs. He says he thinks there is no “there” there as far as Russian collusion goes, but still does the left’s bidding by dutifully not talking about what a great week it was for Trump, choosing to mug and sneer about what a jackass Trump is instead.

It’s only ammunition for the left if you keep kneeling like Willem Dafoe in Platoon and wriggling in pain as the left fires blanks. Imaginary bullets work if you want them to.

I’m not troubled by the “timing”of the firing of Comey because I know there is nothing nefarious about it.

Shapiro doesn’t think there is anything nefarious about it either, yet chooses to run around with his hair on fire, saying it’s his role to keep Trump accountable. Accountability includes, I guess, keeping Trump from having “bad timing,” an obvious high crime and misdemeanor.

The sentinel’s gripe seems to be that Trump isn’t the republican president that the left wouldn’t attack, seemingly unaware that this republican president doesn’t exist. To make Shapiro’s life easier, not having to endlessly defend Trump, he’d have to build a time machine and use it to stop Trump from ever running.

Shapiro would have the energy to defend any other Republican president from baseless attacks, that’s for sure. It’s just that he personally dislikes Trump, so he hands the left a wink and a nod, tantamount to saying, “I understand why you’re going after this guy. He’s a buffoon. So, don’t dislike me too much. On a certain level I’m with you guys.”

That’s a shame.


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  1. Steven Crowders in the same camp. I bet neither one of them have any hair on the bottom of their balls. The fence they try and stratal has rubbed it all off. I don’t listen to either anymore.

  2. He is the reason the R’s kept losing. Because they kept trying not to upset the left. Please! Who gives a shit when Trump fired Comey?! They would be saying the same thing no matter when he did it!
    Go be campaign manager for JEB! His team never required balls.

  3. I don’t think Crowder is in the Shapiro camp.
    Crowder was a Trump skeptic but didn’t buy into this NON-BINARY choice crapola that Shapiro was hawking.

    I still want to know how the non-conservative Trump (according to them) performing badly sets back conservatism?

    That makes absolutely no sense. #NeverWill.

  4. “I still want to know how the non-conservative Trump (according to them) performing badly sets back conservatism?”

    I was in a heated argument with a NeverTrumper last week. “He’s not a real Comservative”
    My question back “policy wise, where is he not a true conservative? And at the beginning of this election cycle a lot of conservatives thought it would be a huge win just to get a conservative appointed to the Supreme Court. Which he did. What’s your bitch?”

    Answer back, “He’s not a true conservative”.

    I walk away shaking my head.

  5. The few times I’ve seen Crowder interviewing Shapiro, it seemed like he just wanted to get him off the subject quickly so he didn’t have to say he didn’t agree with Shapiro on some things he said.
    Whatever. I can tolerate Crowder because at least he’s funny and has made good points, but Shapiro? FFS. He’s obnoxious down to his voice. Are they pumping helium into the studio? The longer he talks the more his voice sounds like he’s a member of the Lollipop Guild.

    And I’m through.

  6. I think Crowder is a very funny and talented guy. I’m not sure the low-energy Jared’s presence should be as elevated and visible as it is. He’s starting to pipe up more, and that’s not a good thing.

    Shapiro is very, very good at debating and has a good knack for dismantling the left’s worldview. He’s normally a very good asset, especially touring the colleges. But he’s not performing the role he thinks he’s performing as this Trump governor.
    He’s simply a digital delay for whatever the left is saying about Trump.

  7. I enjoy Crowder. He’s been chasing down the bad guys with great scams. Like Okeefe, but with humor. He is consistent.

    Shapiro is a back stabber.

  8. Brad, the funny part of “he’s not conservative!11!!” is, WHO CARES!? I don’t. If he’s doing Conservative things, why does his perceived label bother them? What happens if President ‘ NOT CONSERVATIVE does everything a Conservative/Republican couldn’t do for the past 15 years? Will that upset them because the NOT CONSERVATIVE president did what the Conservative/Republicans couldn’t do? If he ran as a Democrat and said and did the same shit he is doing to get here, I’d be okay with that. You know why? Because he’s doing a lot more things Conservatively than a lot of these other assholes who call themselves Conservative or Republican are doing.
    I hope that made sense. lol! I’m tired. Shit.

  9. Shapiro is a wicked smart guy. His down fall is he’s not near as smart as he thinks he is. Gaining confidence slaying retarded snow flakes in a debate is not the same as sparring with someone that is capable of mounting a counter argument. Jesse Waters, my favorite smart ass, would kick his ass. Judge Jeanine would kick his ass.

  10. MJA, Perfect sense. The results are the shit. This trip to Saudi Arabia should go down as the most successful policy trip by a President ever. He pulled no punches while dangling carrots. The guy is freaken amazing. Good night MJA.

  11. Shapiro quests for the perfect Republican. Like Jeb! maybe?
    Since Mr. Trump wasn’t the perfect Republican candidate, he was willing to accept Hillary and the country’s ruination. Fuck all NeverTrumpers, including Shapiro.

  12. And just who are these commenters? Oh, I’d have to watch
    TV and listen to radio to figger out who they are.

    Just turn them off and be a happy person again.

  13. Ben Shapiro HAS to say what he says because he was one of the original 22. AND if he doesn’t insist Trump is not a conservative, then he’d have to admit he was wrong and he can’t. It’s that simple. This has nothing to do with Trump and EVERYTHING to do with the egos and false pride of #NT. The only way for Shapiro and the #NT-ers to save face and protect their pride is to point out every possible instance of Trump being un-conservative, even if they have to fabricate it from whole cloth.

    I’m borrowing these “signs of pride” from a Christian website aimed at ministers, but Shapiro is also a type of minister or witness:

    The need to be right. Ever encounter someone who has a hard time being wrong? This is a symptom of pride. The need to be right prevents one from appropriately evaluating issues as well as themselves (Galatians 6:3). A person who needs to be right has an exalted investment in himself or herself and thinks that he/she knows better than others. In religious circles, the need to be right is frequently manifested through always saying ‘God told me’ or ‘God showed me’.

    Being argumentative. Individuals, who argue their point of view, especially to those in authority over them, are allowing pride to get the best of them. At the root of their argument is a belief that they are right and the other is wrong and that their will should prevail. It is appropriate to advocate for a point of view or position but not to do so in such a manner that you are more invested in your opinion than in arriving at a mutual understanding.

  14. ….little Benny Shapiro has been petted and feted his entire life as a precocious boy wonder in the brains department. Lacking similar skill in the looks department or the allure of a lady killer, it’s his only talent. If he loses that, well, can you imagine? See. Now take every one of the most public #NT-ers. They all share a similar fate. If they’ve failed at the one thing they are all known best for — being deep-thinking brainiacs — what the hell does that leave them with? Uh huh. The fat kids who aren’t smart; hardly attractive to women. The reptile brain, my friends. The reptile brain. lol!

  15. Shapiro is the Kenny G of “conservative” punditry. Lots of fluff with no substance. I don’t know why anyone would waste their time reading/watching/listening to Benny. He’s a pseudo-intellectual and a pseudo-conservative. The only compliment I can give him is that he’s very eloquent while saying nothing.

  16. +1000 on George, AA! Ben is a neocon and king of the chickenhawks besides being a #nevertrump anus. The only time I pay any attention to him is when he is mentioned on a blog and I post a comment kicking his bag in.

  17. After Shapiro shilled for that hoaxer Michelle Fields, I stopped paying attention entirely to anything he has to say. Same goes for Dana Loesche and many others. They choose a side, the same side as the left, and that’s all I need to know about them.

  18. Even Hugh Hewitt is sick of the nevertrump whining. He didn’t name names this morning, but he said he’s never calling back guests who cannot find anything positive to say about Trump.

  19. Shapiro was a local radio host in Seattle, then his ego took over and he because unlistenable. He is no longer on the air in Seattle and the station that carried him, KVI, is tanking in the ratings.

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