Ben Stein Calls Obama 'The Most Racist President There Has Ever Been In America'

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  1. Ben hasn’t read or has conveniently forgotten some of Abe Lincoln’s extremely racist pronouncements. Ol’ Abe made it very clear he thought that black Africans were sub-human and ought never to be integrated into white America.

    One example:

    I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.

    –Fourth Debate with Stephen A. Douglas at Charleston, Illinois, September 18, 1858 (The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume III, pp. 145-146.)

  2. OK, Al, how is sharing an opinion about racial qualities MORE racist than instructing your AG to use racism as a basis for the execution of the law?

  3. Gee Uncle Al, my history book says Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Guess he changed his mind.

    And, lest we forget, Lincoln was an American by birth.

  4. Gee, it looks like some people have taken the Lincoln hagiography as gospel.

    @Tim – Did I not give evidence that racist Barky has at least an equal in racist Lincoln, making it questionable that Barky is “most racist” president?

    @Txn4Evr – Do you not know that the Proclamation did not free any slaves at all, literally zero freed slaves?

    Abe was in favor of rounding up all black Africans in the U.S. and shipping them back to Africa.

  5. That was 150 something years ago Uncle Al. For the President’s AG to use the term “my people” today is pretty sickening.
    . Race relations in America have worsened since Obama took the reins. Ben Stein is right. Obama is the most racist President since LBJ.

  6. @Moe Tom – and LBJ was a half century ago. It is always a good idea to check for cherry picked interval end points. Stein said Barky has been “the most racist president there has ever been in America” and I’m calling bullshit on that.

    Note that I’m in complete agreement that Barky is a hate- and envy-filled deeply racist demagogue. So was Lincoln, and Lincoln’s policies killed somewhere between 650,000 and 850,000 Americans. Barky’s bad, but his death toll isn’t anywhere near Lincoln’s.

  7. I like Abe on the 5 dollar bill and the penny…..if they put Obama on any currency…..well, then…..I’ll be using swiss currency

  8. Meanwhile, “Uncle Al” digs his hole deeper in the name of “whatevah dude liberalterrarianism” toooolerance and SHTF/survivalist conspiracy suspicions….

  9. @Gladys – That’s OK. It may have seemed that I was defending Barky (Heaven forbid!), but note please that I was mostly finding Stein’s statement laughably wrong by pointing out an earlier extremely racist president. Stein knows better; he’s neither stupid nor ignorant. Sometimes foolishly and carelessly impetuous in his pronouncements, though…

  10. Al, with all due respect, you have not illustrated how Lincoln’s opinions interfered with his execution of law.

    Also, the death toll is no indication of racism, unless you’re implying that Lincoln started the Civil War for racist reasons.

    Obola has allowed his racism to infect his judgment and how the laws of this land are enforced, or not enforced. These are racist ACTS as opposed to racist OPINIONS.

    It’s one thing to hate the Jew – quite another to cast him into the furnace.

  11. I still think Al has a huge point, but ultimately I think Tim’s got it.

    “Most Racist” title doesn’t go with body count and it doesn’t go with a vague notion of benign ignorance about racial equality. This title goes to the one who hates the other side the most.

    If OBlowMe is anything like what we think he is, he hates White, Christian America with the blinding hatred of a 1000 suns. None of those racist white Presidents came close to hating blacks that much.

  12. @Tim – Execution of the law? What does that have to do with Abe being at least as racist as Barky?

    My death toll comment, though true, was indeed off topic.

  13. Al, simply that Lincoln didn’t ENACT any racist policies. He did not use the law as a tool of racism – he had racist opinions.

    Obola, on the other hand, uses the force of law to ENACT racist policies. He uses the law as a tool to facilitate racism.

    Who is “more” racist? The guy who dislikes negroes or the guy who goes out and kills negroes?

  14. @ AL
    Tim points out ONLY ONE aspect which makes libertarians
    nothing but idological slaves
    who rationalize their garbage (as we know it in the Real World).

    Your liberalterrarianism is YOUR “DRUG” (using your metaphor).
    Kick the habit before you get back to me.

  15. Tim, your point is a good one. You’ve changed my mind. Barky is the most racist president qua president. I still maintain that Abe was the most racist man based on his own words, but his presidential actions were rarely race-based.

    Apologies to Ben Stein.

  16. @Czar – That’s never been my metaphor and your statement that it is is simply not true. Get back to me when you are able to have an honest exchange.

  17. Uncle Al is an intellectual arguing with non intellectuals. If he was arguing with another intellectual he might not look so smart.

  18. You all are boring the crap out of me with your so-called arguments.
    Claudia, you cherry-picked just one line out of Stein’s rant, and that is actually not helpful.
    For the love of God, people, watch the whole video!
    Sorry, that was just the title of the video. I don’t usually just copy the title, but did this time. – claudia

  19. I don’t know, Al, I think you get credit for more than just consistency of principle and good Google-Fu skills. Being able to change your position, or refine your position, while sticking to your principles is an admirable thing, especially while keeping some humor. But don’t you want to fight anybody? I came here looking for somebody to threaten to step outside and “rag doll” somebody. WTH? 😉

  20. No, Norman, she did not. Claudia didn’t write the title or make the video. Claudia hasn’t commented on this post, yet. The title is straight on the video, posted by You Raw News.

    “Ben Stein Calls Obama ‘The Most Racist President There Has Ever Been In America’
    YouRawNews ”
    Thanks, Cardigan! I just got back from running errands and had to catch up! – claudia

  21. OK, Lincoln was pretty textbook racist there. Although that means everything good he did for race relations was done totally against his principles, but done for his country. Whereas Barky has done nothing good for race relations, and done it all for himself, since he has no principles.

    Let’s just say Obama is the most racist muslim President ever.

  22. Sorry, Claudia, but you are credited with this post, so I assumed you posted it.

    Whatever…it’s important to watch the whole interview, in order to gain some context for Stein’s statement.
    That’s all I was saying.
    No problem! – claudia

  23. Just got back. Thank you, Al.

    Apologies to ‘Dumb and dumber’ that I couldn’t come up with an ‘intellectual’ to make the conversation more stimulating.

  24. I believe that Uncle Al likes to dazzle us with his brilliance. But to take Ben Stein’s remarks and go all the way back to Abe Lincoln just to prove Stein wrong, is a bit much. In my humble opinion.

  25. “Dave”-
    So I should send the booze to NYC then? Look, I’m cool with your tactics, and it’s none of my business, especially if you’re “official,” and all. As long as somebody gets the inside baseball. I’m just sayin’ it ain’t me. That’s all. But the offer still stands. Even if the answer is just “Inside joke between Pinko and Fur.”

    But I’m probably way off base. Always am. Just ask my wife.

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