Bernie Goes After Low Income College Students

In a vindictive action against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Bernie Sanders and his fellow Senate Democrats forced Republicans to withdraw an exemption to the new endowment tax for tiny Berea College in Kentucky. The school primarily serves students who can’t afford tuition from the Appalachian area of the country. Berea uses the proceeds from its endowment to allow students to work as a means to pay for their schooling.

Now the school will pay an estimated $1 million more in taxes and will have to cut enrollment.



10 Comments on Bernie Goes After Low Income College Students

  1. To socialists like Bernie, destroying the hopes and dreams of several poor and disadvantaged families is just fine if it advances his overall agenda. And make no mistake about it – his overall agenda has no room for compassion for any poor or disadvantaged persons.

  2. Berrea should have focused on homosexuality, treason, subversion, communism, support for islam, atheism, bestiality, global warming, lowering the age of consent, or illegal immigration. Sanders and Wyden would have made sure the College received billions in government aid.

  3. Alinsky: Make them live by their own rules.

    If Republicans were smart (hold for laughter) they would throw these things in their face every second of air time.

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