Bernie Sanders: Election Is About More Than Defeating Trump, Must ‘Transform’ the U.S.

Transform the US? 0bama already tried that.
That’s how we got Trump.
Do you want more Trump? Because, that’s how you get more Trump.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) spoke to a crowd in Denver, Colorado, Monday evening and indicated that the election is about more than defeating President Trump, asking attendees to support his vision of radically transforming the United States of America.

Sanders held a rally at Denver’s Civic Center Monday evening, delivering a classic stump speech and asking the crowd to help enact his vision of transforming the country.

“I am here in Denver asking your support for more than just defeating Trump,” Sanders said. “I am here to ask you to help me transform this country and create an economy and government that works for all of us, not just the one percent.”

“I am here in Denver to ask you to wage with me a political revolution, which will take on not only the corruption of Washington but the greed and corruption of the corporate elite in this country,” he continued.

Sanders teased many of his key campaign promises, like Medicare for All and free college.

“We need a healthcare system which guarantees health care to every man, woman, and child as a human right,” Sanders said to applause.

“When we talk about the needs of the American people, let us understand that we need radical changes in the way we do education in this country from childcare to graduate school,” he added. read more

10 Comments on Bernie Sanders: Election Is About More Than Defeating Trump, Must ‘Transform’ the U.S.

  1. Huh – Bernie “One Per-cent” Sanders wanting to transform things NOT for the one per-cent.

    I detect falsity.

  2. Stick your transformation up your ass bernie! 3 homes, $100,000.00 cars, a wife that should be facing charges for fraud, and this hypocrite thinks we need to be transformed. He needs to be transformed into a lower class Venezuelan.

  3. Lemme be exactly clear about what fundamentally transforming the United States of America really means. First of all, let’s start with “If you like your Constitution, you can keep your Constitution!” Then it goes down from there! The Øbamboozler already tried that Bernie! Yer just trying to capitalize on it by opening up yer raincoat and dick-slapped the entire country with yer Black half!

  4. Just another commie fuck with all the stupid ideas that have consistently failed and he has a strong authoritarian streak!

  5. You gotta admit though….Burnie is the perfect Politician…and If

    He was in My district, I’d Vote for Him…Because He hasn’t done a

    Galdamn thing for 30 plus Years…I mean nothing…(Local Gov only)

    “Hey Burnie, what do ya stand for, what are ya gonna do ?”

    Burnie: “Nothing”


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