Bernie Sanders Slams Elizabeth Warren As A ‘Capitalist Through Her Bones’ [But He Is Not]

He sounds ill and cranky. Maybe he should get a prescription for banana peels from his doctor.

Breitbart: On Sunday’s broadcast of  ABC’s “This Week,” 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) noted his 2020 Democratic presidential nomination race opponent Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was a self-proclaimed “capitalist,” while he was not.

Sanders said, “I think she’s a very, very good senator, but there are differences between Elizabeth and myself. Elizabeth, as you know, said she’s a capitalist through her bones. I’m not. I think the situation we face in this country of the greed and corruption that is existing in Washington, that is existing at the corporate elite level where you have massive amounts of price-fixing going on with the drug companies.” more here

5 Comments on Bernie Sanders Slams Elizabeth Warren As A ‘Capitalist Through Her Bones’ [But He Is Not]

  1. Just think of how many houses and millions of dollars Bernie the Burnout would have if he had ever succumbed to capitalism – and to think he did all that without ever having had a real job.
    He’s got my vote! 😀

  2. If Bernie (who is on the record for liking bread lines) was a true Socialist the millions made from his book deals would have gone directly to the State for redistribution. Bernie, truly a Communist, in true Communist fashion has his dachas while he wants the rest of us in bread lines. Notice that his third home is in Vermont, not Venezuela, nor even in his real home town of Brooklyn.


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