Bernie Sanders’ son: Trump doing ‘incredible job’ boosting voter self-esteem

American Mirror: Levi Sanders, the only biological son of Vermont senator and 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, is running for Congress in New Hampshire, and he’s speaking his mind about problems in the Democratic Party.

Among the biggest issues is Democrats don’t make voters feel good enough about themselves, he said, unlike the “incredible job” Donald Trump and the Republican Party is doing, the Independent reports.

“The Democratic Party has done a very poor job of bolstering people’s confidence and self-esteem, and that has significant consequences when it comes to reaching out to low-income and working-class people,” Sanders said, pointing to Hillary Clinton’s penchant for talking down to voters.

“When Hillary Clinton used the word ‘deplorable’ that had a significant effect on so many people. They basically said ‘We understand that Donald Trump is not a nice guy, but he is one of us.’ He said ‘Yes, I know I’m a billionaire, but I’m like your weird uncle. I’m not politically correct and I’m not judging you’ and that’s the key.” more

SNIP: Does Bernie’s kid know that his dad is a ‘weird uncle’, politically over-correct and judges people?

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  1. The low self-esteem amongst liberals is because of their own self-hatred. Makes a lot of sense to me. And their self-hatred is a direct result of their atheism, embrace of Darwinism, and their perversions, among many other things.

    With all of that baggage, self-hatred is the only outcome.

  2. Was that an article link to the Onion?. He says Trump makes voters feel good about themselves, then does the exact opposite with his leftist life is a sob story political talking points.

  3. Just what kind of pig would let that hideous stooge inseminate her? The kind that would fleece a College?

  4. Bernie Sanders has a son?
    Reminds me of the joke about the guy who was so lazy he married a pregnant woman…..


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