Avenatti described as “a major political operator in Democratic Party circles” and more

Canada Free Press:


Trump antagonist and left-wing character assassin Michael Avenatti, whom Tucker Carlson has taken to calling “that creepy porn lawyer,” is threatening to sue journalists for a conservative-leaning media outlet for defamation for daring to report on the attorney’s highly questionable ethics and business dealings.

Avenatti’s uncharacteristic loss of self-control could indicate that the attorney is beginning to realize his vexatious lawsuit against President Trump to free plastic surgery-addicted X-rated film star Stormy Daniels to talk about the alleged affair she had with Trump – that she has already talked about at length over and over and over – is about to collapse.

The media-savvy attorney who has become a household name across America has to know he has close to zero chance of succeeding in his own defamation lawsuit because he is now a hugely famous public figure who no longer enjoys the same civil law protections he enjoyed when he was relatively unknown.

Or all of this could be an act, a kind of political theater aimed at an ulterior objective such as continuing to generate adverse publicity for President Trump to distract from his many impressive policy achievements.

The evidence continues to accumulate that Avenatti’s relentless assault on President Trump and his personal lawyer Michael Cohen is part of the Barack Obama-led anti-democratic insurgency to oust the duly elected 45th president of the United States from the White House.

Democrats, and more than a few Republicans on Capitol Hill, refuse to accept that the irretrievably corrupt Democrat Hillary Clinton was flattened by Republican Trump in a fair fight and they support the Left’s rolling coup attempt. Their hatred of Trump is so deep they are willing to believe anything.

After a year of coming up with nothing but tedious perjury-trap process crimes and potential crimes having nothing to do with the Left’s ridiculous Trump-Russian electoral collusion conspiracy theory, many on the Left are no longer counting on out-of-control Special Counsel Robert Mueller to take down the president. Avenatti is the Deep State’s Plan D or perhaps a plan associated with a letter father along in the alphabet given that plot after Democrat plot against President Trump has failed miserably.

Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist connected the dots for Fox News Channel viewers on the weekend.  MORE

SNIP: A little more on Avenatti:

Don Lemon’s Boyfriend Speaks Out On Interview With Avenatti, Media Industry.

While Malone initially said he couldn’t comment on Lemon’s thoughts about Avenatti, he did, in a separate conversation Tuesday morning, suggest that the two are friends or at least get along privately.

[…] Malone was later asked how Lemon could like Avenatti, considering his intimidation tactics against other journalists.

“No one is doing their research,” said Malone. “Well, I think it will start.”

Democrats Made A Big Mistake Betting On Michael Avenatti, Says Democratic Strategist.

Democratic strategist Brad Gerstman thinks it was a mistake for Democrats to throw their support behind Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti, and said he faces an uphill battle if he files a lawsuit against The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“If Michael Avenatti knows that these [claims] are untrue, then there would be an action here,” Gerstman said on Fox News’ “Outnumbered Overtime” Tuesday. “He’s a public figure so obviously the malice aspect has to be included in it. It’s a different set of circumstances when it’s a non-public figure. However, I think on a political point, I think that the Democrats, my party, have made a terrible mistake here.”

Gerstman said the Democrats pushed Avenatti out into the spotlight to attack their political enemies, but it only served to strengthen the president’s base.

Avenatti Follows Up Threats With Twitter Poll To Gauge His Own Popularity.

Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti followed up his threats Tuesday against Daily Caller News Foundation reporters with a Twitter poll meant to gauge his own popularity.

In that poll, Avenatti asked followers to weigh in on his numerous television appearances (some 59 times in in just two months on CNN alone). “Vote as to whether I should a) stay on television and keep disclosing accurate information to the American public or b) get off television and stop disclosing accurate information.”

Some followers noticed that there was no option for Avenatti to disclose information through non-televised means, and he made no allowance for the possibility that he might disclose inaccurate information — such as his claim regarding the “fraudulent and illegal” payments which turned out to be made to two separate Michael Cohens who were not connected to President Donald Trump in any way.

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  1. For a porn whore’s lawyer, he certainly has a lot of inside info leaked to him about another attorney’s finances.

    I guess it’s easy to focus when your eyes are so close together.

  2. Aventti/Daniels and the Clintons both have deep ties to the MXVIM sex cult (Stormy has the MXVIM brand on her hip) It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Avenatti and Daniels are just two more hired Clinton Hitmen to take down Trump.
    see truth factory on youtube and stranger than fiction news on bitchute for info tried to leave links but the site wouldn’t let me post them for some reason.


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