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Bernie Sanders Supporters Take Over Hillary Clinton’s Facebook Page

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Breitbart: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) supporters descended upon Hillary Clinton’s Facebook page Friday amid a massive war between the two campaigns involving the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

The Sanders fans are accusing Clinton and the DNC of being un-democratic as talk swirls that Sanders might run as an independent. Clinton and Sanders are meeting in New Hampshire Saturday for a weekend night debate.

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The DNC banned the Sanders campaign from accessing its computerized voter data after it was revealed that a Sanders digital staffer looked at private Clinton campaign information by exploiting a glitch in the system. In response, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said that the campaign is going to sue the DNC in federal court.

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10 Comments on Bernie Sanders Supporters Take Over Hillary Clinton’s Facebook Page

  1. Oh, this is just SO satisfying to watch. Not only do both the Clinton and Sanders campaign managers have their hair on fire, but HRC and DW-S are being called vile names and accused of being the dirty dealing, corrupt vultures that they are.

    Who needs “Star Wars” when we have politics?

  2. Cue the banjos and start playing Dualing Douchebags! With a combined age of 142 and a collective mentality of 14, here’s yer proof America that the Defecrats are done!

  3. Berni probably uncovered Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Marathon Oil, Standard Oil, Russia, Cuba, China, Exon, Shell, Conico, North Korea, Venezuela, Equator, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Syria, as her biggest under the table donors.

    Ditto for the Clinton Foundation, but, Berni hasn’t stumbled upon that yet.

  4. You can bet the Hildabeest has racked and tortured her IT nerdies for allowing a glitch…..far be it from Hitlery to countenance a breach in law, in ethics, and stealing from her!!…. That’s her modus operandi, and uncle Bern is not allowed to encroach in the Clintonian Elysian Fields of crap.

  5. Problem is, Republicans are dysfunctional and have but another “Clown Car. It’s only a matter of either Bernie or Hillary. There is no one on the Right that can beat either one. The vast majority of voters are democrat.

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