Bernie Sanders wants to nationalize… Everything

Bernie Sanders’ Plan to Nationalize Industry.

13 Comments on Bernie Sanders wants to nationalize… Everything

  1. So long as he remains in the ruling class and keeps his 3 homes, huge fed salary, free benefits, travel, etx

    What a dangerous POS.

  2. maybe we should take away his three houses and give him a one bedroom government apartment, in a 20 story walk up

  3. I hope he nationalizes his beach property in Vermont. I could stand a vacation, though I’d probably have to burn my clothes afterwards as they will smell of mothballs and 3 day old lavender toilet water….

  4. People who extol socialism are free to practice socialism. But of course they never do, which tells you its really power over other that they’re interested in. This debating point always gets them in a conundrum.

  5. Centralized control has worked so well in Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, former soviet block countries. What ie really great is that it fails every time, everywhere it has been tried.
    I’m afraid Bernie is Brain dead!

  6. The ‘Bacha-Bazi Banker Boys’ are running the show. You really think they are a better option just because they like ‘capitalism’?
    Think PG&E, it’s not just California’s fault. PG&E has some culpability in this as well.

  7. It beats working for your money.

    Googles Bernie’s house addresses and nationalize it “for the people”, or go squat on them. Whichever.


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