D.I.Y. Art Installation

Get yourself a banana and 4 inch strip of duct tape. Place the tape across the banana at the middle then attach the newly created installation to any wall in your house.

And just like that, you’ll have a piece of art that some dupe paid $120,000 for recently (but don’t tell the IRS what you’ve done). Here

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  1. I’ve got some red and some blue duct tape. Trying to think of a white fruit so I can do MAGA art. Figure it should be worth easily twice as much.

  2. He could have raked in double that had his customer base left it on the wall long enough without buying it. The stink + fruit flies would be value added as it would be a living piece of art.

  3. $120,000 for a banana taped to a wall might be a bargain if the wall, and the rest of the building is included.

  4. @ Different Tim: Cauliflower, peeled potato, large white onion, a circular trail of wasabi pes? All sealed with transparent spray paint, of course. Just trying to help…

  5. @DiffTim ~ finding a white fruit is easy … there’s one running in the D’rat presidential race

    good idea … duct tape him to a wall

  6. From the article: “Cattelan was extremely specific when choosing the right fruit for his pieces. He also carefully considered where the banana would be placed in relation to the wall”

    Future generations will thank us when we successfully eliminate Civilization.

  7. $120,000 for a banana taped to a wall isn’t so stupid when put in context. The Obamas were paid $65 MILLION (!) dollars for a book advance. At least you could eat the banana, so it has more value than anything the Obamas (or their ghost writer) could come up with.

  8. I thought about clear spraying stuff but figured they would eventually rot which would make it look like Schiff!

  9. This is just a theory, but I don’t think this is physical art. I think this is social media performance art. The entire point is to spread on social media that some fuckhead paid $120k for something that is clearly worthless shit non-art.

    Think of all the things someone could do with $120k that they obviously care so little about that the spend it on a fucking banana duct taped to a fucking wall.

    – A scholarship fund

    – Medical bills for a deserving yet indigent person

    – An animal shelter

    – A food pantry

    – A homeless shelter

    – A job training center

    – Youth programs

    – Local parks

    – Trail maintenance

    – A bookmobile

    But… instead… I’m gonna blow this cash this shit because fuck you humanity; fuck you society; fuck you America.

  10. Modern Artless, and its value, is a reflection of our modern society.

    This ‘installation’ will turn black and then wither away, dehydrate then become moldy, there on the wall in front of our very faces and flies will infest it.

    Get it?

  11. There’s got to be a money-laundering scheme to this kind of crap. Perhaps it works like this: government money for the arts (or money that is funded as tax deductions) gets awarded to morons like this “artist”, who in return either pays cash to someone upstream, or otherwise “donates” a good portion of it back to the left.

    There’s no other explanation other than the usual democrat scam.

  12. Only wanted 80K for a used Woodshop, but now, shooting for somewhere between 128K and 64 Million is the Plan. Investors could have acted early but soon is not too late. None of the SMART folks understood the long range one Vision back then. Do you?

    Who saved all the Art? The Older Art. From the Beginning.

    Any CoCoGhosters here that want to plant His & Hers Story Poles?

    . . .And just Who is going to play US in that Movie?
    That should be scripted well in Advance Discussions too.

    Paramount Pictures would be our First Pick (for an Honorable Action they took many years ago that is owed recognition).

    More, Later.

  13. Ha ha haaaa! I saw this yesterday and KNEW it had to be by Maurizio Cattelan. He is the court jester of contemporary art. Twenty years ago he duct taped a gallery owner to a wall. (‘A Perfect Day’ by Maurizio Cattelan. Look it up!) Ten ‘original prints’ (Huh?) of that event sell in the six figures…

    It’s all funny (and money laundering) when the elites buy and sell this nonsense at art fairs and I give the artist credit for gaming the system. I do get annoyed when publicly funded museums buy this crap…

  14. Yep Molaon the other Artis ate it and now they are going to Safeway and getting a new banana and more duct tape.

  15. Geoff C. , like I said the other day in the watchmaker thread:

    “It seems like the modern artiste mocks his patron with his creation and makes a gimmick of its destruction.”

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