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Bernie To the Rescue


Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has announced plans to rescue embattled Democrat candidates with a nationwide tour in the last two weekends before the midterm elections.

Sanders, perhaps the most far-left member of Congress, will hold 19 campaign stops in the eight states of Oregon, California, Nevada, Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. The tour is designed to “rally” radical Democrats to “confront daunting national headwinds” the left is facing come November, the New York Times reported. More

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  1. The far left whack-os on CommonDreams are sick of his selling out shit. They’re very demoralized(cue the violins). Their heroes have gone DC on them.

    Not being able to kill babies has enraged them as well-fucking sick demons.

  2. My liberal sister in law is in town, staying with us. Mom in law, at 97, is doing the long good bye. Sis in law doesn’t mean to be liberal, she just can’t help her self. To much time spent in centers of intense indoctrination. Hair goes up fast with her brother and sisters when it comes to politics. They’re all ultra conservative. I try and use a different tacked and ease into political topics. Like last night. Subject, personal finances. She makes over 200K a year and is always broke. So I say, Shit, every time I go into the grocery store prices are up. Look at the price of dog food in the last year. Tri Tip steak, chicken, eggs, milk, FUEL!!!!. I’m getting back, I know, it’s crazy. She goes on, I had to stop taking the daily paper. Crazy expensive in the last year. Money shot, Kathy, what do you suppose is causing this? Dead quite.
    Well that’s what Bernie will be facing. Even radical Democrats still need to eat and fill up their gas tanks. A constant reminder of bull shit policies and the end result of old hippies and you ignorant virtue signaling morons trying to shove the Green New Deal up our wazoos.
    Good intentions are really cool until you need to pay for them.

  3. First Barky announced he was hitting the campaign trail, and now Bernie. I just have one question…Where’s Hillary?

    C’mon, Cankles, get off your duff and help your party. You don’t even have to go to Wisconsin. Bernie can do that for you. Again.


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