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Best Friends

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  1. My son just picked up a male silver lab puppy who he named Whiskey (he was going to name it Bullet because it’s a silver lab, but the name Whiskey won out) yesterday. Whiskey is going to be his duck dog after it’s trained to retrieve ducks. This little dog for now has huge paws and will probably weigh about 80 pounds when full grown. This morning my 5-year-old granddaughter was found in the puppy’s crate all snuggled up next to him and happy as a clam. She may end up being his best friend as my 3-year- old grandson is not quite sure about the new puppy yet.

  2. First thing every morning, my Ellie gets a case of the zoomies.
    All you can do is stand back and let her go until she gets over them.
    Almost 8 years old and she still believes she is a puppy.
    Yep, she’s my best friend.
    She came into my life when I was grieving a loss and I rescued her from a kill shelter.
    We have had each other’s back for the past 6 years.

  3. It’s amazing how fast dogs can run when they get the zoomies. We should’ve named my border collie Kirby Flash because when he gets the zoomies it’s off to the races, full tilt, balls to the walls blazing fast and he loves every minute of it.

  4. Thank you Tina B. The Good Lord has helped her for nearly 18 years and I pray she gets a little more. She was a friend for my ailing Father who passed three weeks after we got her.

  5. I lost my Belgin Turveran last week. Unknown to me she had a tumor on her spine that gave her a stroke and she lost her legs.
    Had to send her to Jesus last Wednesday.

    She became my VA trained Service Dog in 2015 after my last retirement in 2013 and was a magnificent companion in my darkest times when I felt suicide was my only option to stop the pain.

    So her passing so suddenly is a double blow but Mystique’s duty was done and she is in heaven waiting with all the other IOTW critters.

    Love you all, even when you bicker. Remember life is precious and Dogs are the Lord God Almightie’s greatest gift to remind us of Jesus’s sacrificial and unconditional love.

    May God bless and keep you all…


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