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Better Start Reading Ingredients a Bit More Carefully

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  1. The ‘good’ news, as it were, you won’t be seeing this in Doritos anytime soon as it makes them more expensive. The classics are based upon cheap ingredients and lots of flavoring.
    They really should have it on the main labeling though.

  2. …Wow – And to think that Jiminy Cricket said: “Avoid anyone that has a fiendish cackle, a sinister smile, or a diabolical glare, not necessarily in that order.”

  3. “Natural cheddar cheese flavored powder?” WTF?
    And cricket carcasses? WTF?

    If they were striving for honesty they’d rename it: “Actually Shit Puffs.”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I want to know by what means they kill the crickets, and if/how that means is removed from possible human consumption. They probably say they are ‘humanely culled’ or some sort of narrative jibberish.
    no jabs for me, nor bugs either

  5. Humans will eat anything that doesn’t stink too badly with the right motivation. The definition of ‘stink too badly’ changes as the hunger increases. Look at pictures of the holodomor. They have pieces of relatives on the table. Our owners know this. Enjoy your crickets, you’re saving the earth for your master’s enjoyment and you’re not eating one another… yet.

  6. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. In a geedonk gas station, by the cash register, was a box of roasted crickets – 2 flavors. I said something to the cashier, she said people buy them. She said one guy bought a packet, dumped them in his mouth then kissed his girlfriend. $2.99/pkg – maybe 25 crickets. I’m not worried, this was a fad back in the 60’s of eating insects. It never caught on then nor will it catch on now.

  7. …just so you know, you’ve been eating bugs all along…its impossible to exclude them completely from things like flour, so there is a certain allowable toleance of bug parts in every 1/4 cup, along with rat droppings, mold, mites, etc., so you probably shouldn’t read this if you’re having breakfast…seriously, if you’re a sensitive soul, DO NOT READ…

    …so a certain amount of big bits in every scoop of food? And what do we hear from government about it?



  8. There are very tight controls in place to ensure meat processing plants maintain sanitary conditions. Things like separating the slaughter area from the meat processing area, rules regarding cleanliness during the gutting process to ensure contaminates are kept away from the meat, etc.
    How do they do that with a cricket?

  9. Forget eating worms…
    have you ever been eaten by worms?
    Take it from me, it tickles like the Dickens.

    Of course, Eleanor’s worms all died screaming and vomiting.

    Good Times at Hyde Park.

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  11. made by “Actually Food”

    I bet they just push/sweep the live crickets into a big grinder/woodchipper type of machine and cricket paste comes out the other end.
    I wanna see a ‘How It’s Made’ video, please


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