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Beware of Progressive Asians

They may (not so) secretly be destroying the country, city by city.


 ‘Parts of Oakland are worse than a third-world country. They just allow people to live in absolute squalor, wherever they choose. 

‘This looks like Hooverville during the great depression. Welcome to Oakland’s very own Gavinville.’

Tom Wolf, a former homeless man who is a recovering heroin and fentanyl addict from San Francisco, also re-shared the same video and said, ‘Worse than any shanty in the third world. You know how we got here? Drugs.’

Sheng Thao – Mayor of Oakland

Oakland’s descent into a dystopian hellhole comes despite its enviable location in the San Francisco Bay area – one of the most naturally-beautiful locales in the United States.

And while both Oakland and neighboring San Francisco are home to huge numbers of wealthy people thanks to the tech boom of nearby Silicon Valley, both cities have become associated with filth and crime increasingly blamed on progressive policy.

Earlier this month, city administrators were forced to remove traffic lights from one busy Oakland intersection and replaced them with stop signs after the electrical boxes that controlled the traffic lights were repeatedly tampered with and copper from them was stolen.


Tammy Duckworth

Mazie Hirono

Andrew Yang

Rho Khanna

Ted Lieu

Helen Tran

Michell Wu

and many more…

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  1. Anybody else hearing a rumor that the Houthis hit the Aircraft Carrier Eisenhower with a missile? Probably total bullshit in this era of deep fakes and propaganda, but…

  2. The tenants that live next door to me are a flippin’ nightmare 😔

    The wife is Asian and the damn landlord is also 🙁

    I’ve had to hire an attorney to get them to stop damaging my backyard, to stay off my Wifi and the husband secretly records everyone that comes through my front door with his outside camera 😩 The list is endless

    Assholes 😡

  3. Kippling wasnt it? “East is east and west is west, never the two should meet.”

    There is a reason for the natural citizenship requirement for President. Apparently this should also be a requirement for ALL public office.

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    Overheard at an Asian Price committee.

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