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Beyond parody: CNN taps Greta Thunberg for expert coronavirus panel

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The brave, hard-hitting journalists over at CNN are hosting a town hall Thursday evening called Coronavirus: Facts and Fears. Our First Amendment warriors are only bringing viewers the best of experts, such as former CDC Director Richard Besser, former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and … teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg.

You literally cannot make this stuff up. This would be a masterful parody. It could have been one of the Babylon Bee’s finest works. Yet no, this is actually the reality of CNN in 2020.

There are almost no words for how ridiculous this is. Anchor Chris Cuomo has touted CNN as the “facts first” network. Reliable Sources (ironic)host Brian Stelter regularly tut-tuts Fox News (sometimes justifiably) for having unqualified guests speaking on expert subjects. But at least they don’t tell their viewers to take their coronavirus wisdom from 17-year-old, troubled teenagers.


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  1. Fredo Cuomo is an ‘Anchor’? …. I’d say more like an ‘Albatross’

    … maybe a ‘milstone’

  2. I wouldn’t trust her to be in charge of the latrine, simply because I believe she would try to remain on top of it, despite all her shit.

  3. Greta Thunberg is what you get if Veruca Salt got bit by a radioactive spider. ~ Dianny

  4. …well, she DOES demostrate what happens when Communist ideology is allowed to spread unchecked, and that’s killed FAR more people than any VIRUS ever could…

  5. I’d like to point out to everyone that we have seen the rest of the list. Hell she might be the super star. We are talking CNN here

  6. How dare they!

    Actually they have shot their wad and are all played out. They think that this nitwit actually played well in Peoria. But they know nothing outside of their own insular world. They are going back to what they thought worked for them. Look for more of this.

    This is where Trump has them by the short hairs. He understands middle America. They don’t.

  7. Can’t wait till she is 40 years old & still flying from continent to continent to go on sail boat rides and tell us we still only have 12 years to live.

  8. She needs to be turned over her dad’s knee and paddled until she turns black and blue and cries uncle. God forbid that any man would ever want to have a relationship with her. She’s a major league harpy and scold in training.

  9. I can’t decide which is more pathetic. The clownshow at CNN or the retards that get their news there.

  10. That Fetal Alcohol Syndrome baby can barely string a sentence together when she isn’t parroting the lines she has been fed. She should fit right in at CNN.

  11. @John

    “Rabid Chihuahuas will soon be put in charge of the world.”

    Back in 1963 there was a movie called “Mondo Cane” – world gone to the dogs. It’s coming.

  12. Does Greta have a thirst for man sausage or does she crave a bushy taco? It’s impossible to tell at her age.


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