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Biden Accuses Car Insurers of Being Racist in MLK Day Speech

Red State

Once again demonstrating his race-baiting prowess, President Joe Biden in a speech on Monday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, absurdly claimed, in effect, that car insurance is racist —by insisting black people pay higher rates than white people. “No basis for it!”, Pandering Joe™ sternly declared. Driving

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  1. The Insurance companies have charged me higher rates since I was 16 because I’m a male…..The insurance industry is really just a ponzi scheme like Madoff and the bitcoin weirdo. Pay us now and we’ll discuss whether you can make a claim and what we might pay out….especially health insurance…..and OH, we might just make insurance mandatory as well cuz we spend a lot of money to all the politician and our lobbyists….

  2. The majority of blacks live in crime infested, black-run cities. Of course they’ll pay more because more claims are paid. Imagine what it costs to insure a Waffle House restaurant in the same cities.

  3. WA State insurance commissioner wants to take credit scores off the table for calculating insurance. Claims RAcisM. Everyone’s premium goes up and no one, absolutely no one, benefits. These social justice warriors spending other peoples money makes by want to puke.

  4. Per Slow Joe:
    “ The value of the exact same home built by the exact same builder is more valuable on the white side of that highway than the [black] side. That’s a fact.”

    So if the black side homes were more expensive than the white homes, that would be racist too, right?

  5. I work for insurance company. These are the major criteria.

    Zip Code
    Vehicle Type
    Male/Female Age Adjustment
    Home Owner
    Years Licensed
    DMV Points
    Claims MADE
    Claims Paid Above Threshold

  6. Yer never gonna get past the new “Plastic Curtain” that attempts to hide the massive failures of Liberals creating run-down, shot-up, burned-out, poverty-stricken, crime-ridden, rat-infested, feces-friendly stinking Shit-Holes constructed on the Liberal land-fill of Bullshit, layered on top of dog shit and steeped in Bum piss!
    And to all those special Numb-Nutz in the Northwest, democRAT failed policies have impacted men and women more than all other genders combined!

  7. I’m more concerned with a lot of people having no car insurance at all.
    My daughter got rear ended by a black kid in his parents car. My daughter was injured and her car totaled. They had no insurance and were just mad at the kid for wrecking their car. He was doing 80 or 90 MPH racing before he hit the brakes. Guess what, he didn’t even get a ticket. That’s Multnomah county Oregon.
    They moved to a conservative state after that.

  8. All I know is that when you venture into the black section of the town that I live near, you’d better be on your game and drive ultra-defensively. The bros be driving like crazy. It’s as if they are drunk or high or stupid or something. Wait, what!?!


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