Biden Administration Declares Screening for Criminal Records Racist – IOTW Report

Biden Administration Declares Screening for Criminal Records Racist

Daily Caller

Prominent black conservatives blasted President Biden and his administration for their discrimination lawsuit against Sheetz convenience stores.

Biden’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing gas station chain Sheetz for what they say are discriminatory hiring practices because Sheetz screens job applicants for criminal records, the lawsuit claims. More

16 Comments on Biden Administration Declares Screening for Criminal Records Racist

  1. And what about the states or cities that have outlawed landlords from doing criminal background checks on prospective renters? That’s as nuts as not doing criminal background checks on prospective employees.

  2. If screening for criminal records is racist, does the demented one understand that the idea is that POCs are the ones with the criminal records?

    Poor kids are just as talented as white kids. If you don’t know who you’re voting for, you ain’t black.

    The list is growing.

  3. Weird how he was just a a Sheetz with a scripted photo op, the background information leaked by an employee and then the next week Sheetz is back on chopping block. Just seems strange to me

  4. With the unlimited budget/spending by this administration it is just a matter of time before they take every company to court. Except their big contributors.
    Every small company will run out of money and even lawyers will be targets of this DOJ.
    This next election will be the final chance to have a peaceful return to a constitutional republic.
    And the RINO’s continue to sell us out.

  5. I find it nearly amazing how the dumb-shit leftists believe the eradication of Conservatives will leave all the liberals in good standing.
    History does indeed repeat itself.

  6. Screening for a criminal record wouldn’t be “racist” if blacks weren’t so disproportionately represented in the ranks of criminals due to their low average IQ, notoriously poor impulse control, hatred of all other ethnic groups, and democrat inculcated sense of massive entitlement.

  7. Is Biden saying that Blacks / Latinos and other minorities show a higher representation in crime statistics, commit the majority of violent crimes and theft, are genetically more prone to poor social behavior and have poor impulse control? Sure sounds like it. Instead of worrying about things being racist perhaps he should address the causation, demand they adopt acceptable behavior and develop programs to force good behavior, motivation and assimilation into polite society.


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